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No man on earth is immune from stress. This word, though, and is perceived as a negative phenomenon, however, it is called as positive moments in life, and negative. Stress itself is not dangerous, and even stimulates the human body to take action. For example, a person is able to climb in a stressful situation at a high fence without assistance, or to become a champion on the run. But a protracted form of this condition is called chronic stress and is fraught with serious consequences, up to the development of dependence. For example addiction is a disease of emotions, since these people are prone to bad mood, depression and other experiences. Treatment of drug addiction always involves psychological rehabilitation, in order to avoid disruptions in the future.
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In a world of thousands of known cases of deaths after a few tricks smoking mixture. People who want to get a dose of euphoria and happiness, completely forgot about the destructive influence of the so-called "grass" on the body. If we compare the effects of seasoning with a conventional cigarette smoking or the use of a small amount of alcohol, even alcohol and nicotine, does not cause such a momentary psycho-emotional reaction of the person and not so quickly destroy the body, especially on the cellular level. Smoking blends were developed in order to achieve immediate psychedelic effect, so that its composition can contain absolutely no synthetic substances in any proportion. In this scenario, spice overdose after the first smoked cigarette occur, and the man will inevitably fall on the hospital bed.
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Often we hear from relatives of our patients that drug addiction - is possledstviya influence "bad company", lack of education or lack of willpower. And, perhaps, the reason for such widespread misconceptions have all the bases.
The first argument is the fact that drug addiction - is not a disease, due to the fact that in the beginning everyone was sampling to try drugs, or to refuse them. But think a moment on the fact that drugs, alcohol and even more readily available to anyone who is looking for them. The difference is that some people are indifferent to it all, and others - are dependent. One explanation for this injustice lies in our physiology. The thing is that different people get different feeling from the use of psychoactive substances. This is caused by the difference in the level of sensitivity and susceptibility to certain substances. For example, for some alcohol is a way to lighten the mood, feel the joy, and the other after taking note of alcohol decreased activity, the appearance of lethargy, and others behave provocatively and fourth show aggression.
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This lecture is a survey and is used as an introductory element of the proposed program, which allows the patient and / or his family to see the whole range of issues which need to work for a stable remission.
Considering chemical dependency in terms of the different conceptual models of the disease, is an attempt to combine them into one, covering the whole person.

Biological aspects of addiction.
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