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Drug addiction - a disease or lack of will?
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Often we hear from relatives of our patients that drug addiction - is possledstviya influence "bad company", lack of education or lack of willpower.
And, perhaps, the reason for such widespread misconceptions have all the bases.
The first argument is the fact that drug addiction - is not a disease, due to the fact that in the beginning everyone was sampling to try drugs, or to refuse them. But think a moment on the fact that drugs, alcohol and even more readily available to anyone who is looking for them. The difference is that some people are indifferent to it all, and others - are dependent. One explanation for this injustice lies in our physiology. The thing is that different people get different feeling from the use of psychoactive substances. This is caused by the difference in the level of sensitivity and susceptibility to certain substances. For example, for some alcohol is a way to lighten the mood, feel the joy, and the other after taking note of alcohol decreased activity, the appearance of lethargy, and others behave provocatively and fourth show aggression.

The second factor influencing the formation of addiction - is the environment in which a person was raised, one can not exclude a genetic predisposition to chemical dependency.

Vyod the above, people are divided into dependent and do not have a tendency to chemical or any other addiction.

When potentially dependent person is faced with the opportunity to try a drug, it does so without much thought, and tried again, continue to eat more and more. Because of his illness it began long before the direct use of the substance.

Next just a matter of time. Initially, the drug brings only joy and euphoria. Sense to change something in your life is not - as all good!
But when he begins to open up the other side - there are after effects of drug use (abstinence syndrome, hangover or slang for "breaking" or "Kumara"), and the illusion that one can control the use inexorably disappearing, we have to face their illness . And the disease is lethal, frightening and relentless. A person can lose everything - work, health, family, freedom, and eventually just die.
Is it possible to recovery from addiction?
Dependence on chemicals conditionally consists of physical and psychological dependence.
Physical dependence on a drug due to the fact that in the process of drug use change the workings of the central nervous system, digestive and sexual function, and the whole organism.
Psychological dependence - a complex mechanism that is associated with the deep personal change of perception itself, motivations, your own feelings, needs and desires. For the addict still overshadows irresistible "attraction" to the substance.
If physical dependence in the first stage can be transferred with the help detoxify the body, the most complex and insidious disease component - psychological dependence - it is impossible to move because it is part of a person's identity.
In order to begin to recover, the person needs help and support from family and friends, as well as the experts - psychologists, counselors, therapists, doctors, as well as people who have a positive experience of their own recovery.
During the passage of the rehabilitation program, the patients of our rehabilitation center Megapolis get all the information and skills necessary to maintain sobriety and social development.

MOSMEDSERVIS Tel .: 8 (495) 782-78-12
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