Drug addiction - a disease

Drug addiction - a chronic disease that has periods of exacerbation and remission. And even if people stopped taking the drug, the biochemistry of the brain is already so changed them that a relapse can happen at any time. However, with proper treatment, remission can last for a very long time - a lifetime.
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"Approximately 25-30 percent of cases are incurable addiction - says Brune, - and in other cases can be cautiously optimistic talk about remission, including a lifetime. Biennial remission we achieve about 14 per cent of the cases - and this is a very good indicator. 10-15 years ago it was about one per cent. "

Among completing treatment almost half of remission is at least a year.
Independent decision

Addiction treatment - care not only narcologists. While the participation of all stakeholders: the dependent person himself, his family and friends and professionals.

But before you start treatment, the addict himself has to realize its necessity.

Addict has lived "on the edge" - he is forced to produce drugs, constantly break the law, to hide their addiction from others.

Gradually, even his own family could be his enemy. After all, if you close learn about taking the drug, he may lose a source of funds to buy them and to come under serious pressure.

"To address the addict should be as tough - he advises the chief psychiatrist, - to impose sanctions, not to give money and be very persistent."

Often it is the pressure of relatives and friends to take a decision allowing the addict to undergo treatment. At this point, it must be helped to find a new purpose in life, for which he will be ready to give up drugs. And to assist in selecting the appropriate method of treatment.
About registration

Many are worried about the problem setting the state drug addicts in a special registration offices - because it deprives a person of many rights: to drive a car, buy weapons, be liable, and even to occupy certain positions.

On the one hand, it is not too nice. On the other - driving while intoxicated deadly and carefully take important decisions a person "stoned" can not.

"By the way, even if the person arrested once for driving intoxicated - like Brune - it loses the right to half the year."

But if the person has stopped using drugs, it is removed from the register after five years. And if drug addiction can not be called a serious addiction, it is recorded and put under the supervision of only one year.
Where to be treated

Despite the fact that in the press and on television advertised lots of ways to treat addiction, do not chase the "magic wand", especially if the treatment is offered on the house.

Firstly, the process of treatment and rehabilitation of drug addict requires work of several professionals: drug treatment specialists, psychologists and psychiatrists, physicians and rehabilitation specialists.

Secondly, one or a series of droppers at home does not solve the problem - sometimes the use of drugs without additional testing becomes deadly.

Thirdly, during the period of "breaking" the addict can easily leave the apartment in search of dose or consume stashed at home that will bring the treatment to zero.

If you choose a private clinic, be sure to find out if she has a state license, otherwise it is illegal activity.

Really effective treatments for addiction are about the same in the public and private clinics. Only at first they - free of charge.
As treatment begins

The first phase of the treatment of any addiction, including drug - detoxification. Its purpose - to cleanse the body of drug residues and try to change the chemical processes in the body so that it has ceased to require a constant supply of psychoactive substances.

Thanks to this end "breaking" - withdrawal symptoms, all related physical ailments and caused them irresistible craving for drugs. Detoxification is usually held for a week in the hospital.

But depression and neurological disorders caused by the intake of drugs, detoxification can not be removed. As she does not get rid of psychological dependence.

If treatment at this stage ends, the person returns to receive the drug. "Many addicts come to the clinic are not cured, and" rejuvenate "- says Brune - They have such a term. Thus reduces the effect of the dose of the drug, and slightly improved physical condition. "

Typically, such patients are grateful to the doctors and they say that after the detoxification, they manage themselves.

However, for the treatment had an effect, patients need to pass after detoxification treatment stages of pathological dependence, psychotherapy and rehabilitation. Only in this case we can speak about the potential success of the treatment.
The most important

Addicts often do not see themselves as sick people, so they know should be persistent, urging them to start treatment. Three quarters of cases of drug addiction are treatable. But with the proviso that it is carried out competent experts and the patient leaves the clinic after detoxification.

For the people of Europe the price of treatment - 600 euro: detox from heroin to 3 days (full, painless cure of the drug), accommodation, food + meeting, transfer to hotel (shuttle).

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