The most dangerous drugs


If you use drugs - stop doing it!
This information is not propaganda of drugs and drug manufacturing. The purpose of this material to convey to people who use drugs, simple principles that will help them maintain health and prevent all sorts of diseases, one way or another associated with drug use, and most importantly immediately begin treatment for drug dependence.


The most dangerous drugs, legal and illegal, have never been so easily accessible.
They provoke strange, is not always justified the hype. What
drugs are the most dangerous?

What are the criteria for the classification of drugs? The first can be considered
effect of the drug on the person who took it. If it stops
breathing, it is a serious problem. The second problem - getting used to
Drugs. It makes constant use them with periodic
increasing dose. And the third aspect of the use of drugs - it
harm. Thus, the rating of the most dangerous drugs.

20th place.

This is the least dangerous drug from the list - a bush, covered with green
leaves. Khat (Khat). It gives a sense of security and the tide
energy, but with frequent use can cause insomnia, decline
strength and high blood pressure. The most popular in
Somalia. May be harmful if contaminated with pesticides. It can also
be the cause of hepatitis in humans. There were cases when
Use it in large doses lead to psychosis. Not
recorded no fatal accident involving Khat.

19e place.

Another significant legal and dangerous drug - Alkyl nitrite (Alkyl Nitrite), known
still as poppers (Poppers). Inhaled directly from the bottle, causing short
a sharp rise in the muscles and relaxes the sphincter. There are in the open
Sales in the UK. As a rule, the effect of this drug
short-term, but it can cause sickness and weakness. Also
it is poisonous if swallowed. No cases of death identified
It was.

18e place.

Ekstezi (Ecstasy) - one of the most notorious, deadly and dangerous drugs. First
Registered in 1912, Ekstezi was patented as a drug
to control bleeding from wounds. But in 1970 he illegally entered the
dance halls. Most people accept it, it will be again. Tablet
This drug makes you dance, sharing public spirit.
Things seem to be nice and simple.

What do we know about Ekstezi? We know that it is a stimulant that causes
small hallucinations, feelings of euphoria and energy. Also this
narcotic drug causes an increase in body temperature and pressure.
When you digest the pill Ekstezi in the brain occur
Sirotina development. Sirotin responsible for regulation of mood and memory.
Average annual number of deaths - 27. The lethal outcome occurred
by dehydration of people.

17e place.

Again, a dangerous and deadly drug. It's safe strengthened the so-called Gammagidroksibulyator
(GHB). It makes you happy and free. The combination with alcohol may
lead to death. The deaths from the use of GHB is quite

16th place.

This place belongs to anabolic steroids (Anabolic Steroids).
Abuse of these drugs can cause significant harm
man, starting and ending with infertility kidney and liver
failure. Even it can cause a stroke. To death
Use of the drug did not cause.

15th place.

Methylphenidate (Methylphenidate) and Vitamin P (Vitamine R). It
effective medicine for people suffering from attention deficit and
hyperactivity. To achieve the best results tablet
are broken up and inhaled through the nose. This can be a powerful stimulant
cause vomiting, convulsions and delirium, as well as lead to dependence.
Fatalities were recorded.

14th place.

A dangerous and deadly drug. At the podium emblazoned famous LSD (LSD). More 50ti years ago
This drug is used in medicine. First, it was dissolved in water. AT
60s participated in the testing of military forces the UK to
to understand whether it is possible to use it in battle. After 25 minutes, the first
the effect becomes visible - a person starts to relax and giggle.
After 35 minutes of one of the radio operators become unable to use their
Equipment. An hour after drug use, when one of the
soldiers climbed a tree to feed the birds, commander surrendered, saying,
that he could not control himself and his people. And later, this
same decade, when LSD was on the entertainment market, it caused
panic in influential circles, becoming a Class A illegal drugs LSD
It produces three effects on people.

It reinforces what is going on inside. Able to extract special
traumatic memories. And the third - enables people to explore
themselves. LSD is not toxic. No one has died from an overdose.

LSD acts on the part of the brain sirotinovuyu, part of the brain responsible
for the state of rest, and then to the prefrontal cortex,
which monitors the abstract thinking. Also, the drug violates Us
through several parts of the brain, which leads to loss of constraining
factors. It can cause severe hallucinations.

13th place.

This step takes a drug 4MTA designed for sale on the street.
The alternative for Ekstezi. This is not only a stimulator for the brain, it is also
causes euphoria a level that may not cause even
Ekstezi aforesaid. In most cases it leads to
overdose. Deaths have been recorded.

12e place.

In this position, dominated by common solvents. From glue to
paints. Able to quickly get into the lungs. Many of them are very
poisonous, such as toluene, which is highly toxic to the heart.
Frequent deaths resulting from the use of this drug. AT
mostly children. Someone dies of cardiac arrest, and someone from
that after the loss of consciousness is inside the package contents.

11e place.

Thus, all known marijuana. As her smoking, she gets into the brain
almost instantly. It affects specific receptors in the brain.
At low doses, it causes euphoria, weakens and relieves pain, but
large doses causes paranoia and short-term memory loss. Can
lead to some form of dependency. British scientists found
link with lung cancer. In the past 20-years of smoking marijuana too dangerous
for the brain. The mortality rate is quite low.

10th place.

In the middle is located Buprenorphine (Buprenorphine). Usually it
It is used as an anesthetic. As a rule, it is addictive. With
overdose can cause death.

9th place.

The most dangerous drug in the number of affiliates - Tobacco. The reason more than 40% of illnesses. One of the heaviest and available
drugs, and while it is still legal. The most deadly drug
in the world. Approximately one out of two smokers in the final
eventually die from smoking.

8th place.

One of the most dangerous and deadly drug Amphetamine (Amphitamine), which is constantly striving to get to the first place of the most dangerous drugs in view of its rapid spread among the youth. Cheaper cocaine analogue with a prolonged time of action. Lead to paranoia and depression. Causes
panic attacks. If overused, can lead to addiction.
Fairly high mortality.

7th place.

Honey drug Valium, ì or benzodiazepine
(Benzodiazepine). It is a strong tranquilizer and is used to
treat anxiety, insomnia and seizures. Can cause addiction and
side effects for many years. Abuse leads to deterioration
memory, nausea, anxiety, depression. When combined with alcohol may
lead to fatal consequences. A very high mortality rate.

6th place.

Ketamine (Ketamine). Normally used as a tranquilizer for
horses. It has a strong analgesic effect, can cause
strong hallucinations. Like cocaine, it can be used intronazalno. AT
This creates the effect of changing reality, anemia, lethargy,
causing severe depression, unrealistic fantasy seem real.
Very low mortality. It is extremely dangerous to take antidepressants and
alcohol together. This may cause mental illness,
addiction and death.

5th place.

One of the most dangerous drugs - cocaine (Cocaine). The high level of damage to both the individual and for
public. The strongest level of dependence, physical or
psychological. There are two types of cocaine - in the form of powder and crack cocaine. To
the second case, it allows you to experience the full force of the "arrival". This bypass
damage to the body of the smoker can not be avoided. Mortality
is high enough.


Street Methadone (Street Methadone). It is similar to heroin, but causes
weaker attachment. It is less popular than heroin, but replacing
the last to the first, allows gradually withdraw from heroin. Him
often diluted, which prevents adequately judge the strength and the necessary dose
so the number of deaths is quite high.

3rd place.

And so, one of the first places went to the Spice or smoking blends. According to unofficial sources in Russia and 70% of young people under 21 have tried or are using Spice.

- Smoking is a collection of herbs impregnated with synthetic drugs. He
It appeared from 2004 to 2006 in various
Europe. First, tobacco
mixture could legally buy through
Internet - shop. Although one can often
It is seen in their usual shops.
Often called harmless spice
incense, helps a person
relax after a hard tense
mental or physical work. AND
because people believed in it ..

2nd place.

Desomorphine or "Crocodile" - a dangerous and deadly drug, which is now in Russia "lagging behind" in the popularity of consumption only on the recognized leader of heroin. In the photo shows how the rotting flesh of a live person uses a dangerous drug desomorphine. "Honorary" 2nd desomorphine ensure simplicity and low cost of production: if you want desomorphine can be synthesized in a "home" conditions of the available source components using relatively simple chemical process, and medicines with codeine such as Terpinkod (cough medicine), and others. primitive conditions it can be prepared using harsh chemicals. Gasoline, sulfuric acid, iodine, phosphorus, household solvents and preparations containing codeine, such as Terpinkod, Codelac, Nurofen Plus and others. Very fast developing relationship and at times exceed the toxicity of heroin. If heroin addicts live on average 5 years, dezomorfinovye 1.5 -2 years. However, their body begins to rot alive, there is tissue necrosis. Skin becomes, as it were, covered with scales. It all ends with gangrene and amputation. Perhaps that is why addicts called him "the crocodile". It is surprising that the average age of drug users - 24 years. And really want to understand what makes young people to let themselves into the blood poison, which kills them very quickly. And do it very deliberately.

More detailed informative documentary about the dangers of drug use on the page: desomorphine or "Crocodile"

1st place.

The most dangerous and deadly drug - heroin (Heroin). It can be injection or smoking. Fast
It relieves pain. Heroin as it envelops the human protective bubble.
It is highly addictive, from which it is very difficult to get rid of. With
injected, causes intense euphoria, operating from 1 to 3
hours. It affects the area of ​​the brain that controls breathing. Therefore
way in overdose possible death by suffocation. The mortality rate is very
high. This is the most dangerous drug in the world, the relationship is very difficult to treat, it is related to hormones of happiness which prevail in abundance in the human body to use heroin. After the injection of heroin, the person receives is not an incomparable pleasure, he simply becomes happy, in spite of the depression, problems in life, health problems, etc., which are becoming more and more a way of life. The dose of heroin causes the production of endorphins, defomina, serotonin, melanin (the hormones of happiness, pleasure, enjoyment and "sweet dream") and the person forgets everything, he becomes indifferent attitude of relatives, he does not care for themselves and others, he is willing to cheat without remorse. Heroin addicts living "one day" from dose to dose, it always have to be "happy" (under the influence of heroin), because at least sober all the problems come back, and even physical dependence (breaking), which occurs in 10 - 20 hours after last use. From these factors severely dependent people hardly able to give up heroin alone.
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Is it easy to give up the happiness? After all, happiness is the meaning of our life, this is what we strenuously strive, we dream, we achieve certain heights from which we obtain pleasure, this is our family and chat with her good and not to forget the moments in life that we remember and enjoy, favorite business, watching a movie, a hobby of the process which we have the pleasure (happiness) is the laughter and the jokes, the beautiful sunsets and sunrises, the divine view from which "chills" through the body, rustic morning and the birds singing - all this happiness, and happiness is to develop pleasure hormones that are known and proven. In a healthy person pleasure hormones are produced when it is necessary in these very moments described above, sometimes there are disorders that are called depression. These failures in a healthy person is gradually coming back to normal. Just failures hormones (happiness, pleasure) occur during pregnancy, from here and the constant change of mood "in the laughter, the tears." We are dependent on heroin severe impairment of the production of hormones, made an injection of heroin - body has developed the hormones of happiness, did not prick got a huge deficit of hormones. The human body gets used to the fact that he constantly helps produce hormones consuming heroin, then why does he produce them yourself. According to this person to stop using heroin is experiencing severe depression, apathy, are not rare and cases of suicide after giving up heroin, the patient simply does not understand that his psychological condition makes hormones.
Is it easy to refuse to be happy? - Probably hard, very hard to be more precise and more accurately without the help of professionals probably not possible.
That's what heroin addiction and is the most terrible, dangerous and deadly drug.

Treatment for drug dependence

If you use drugs - stop doing it!
This information is not propaganda of drugs and drug manufacturing. The purpose of this material to convey to people who use drugs, simple principles that will help them maintain health and prevent all sorts of diseases, one way or another associated with drug use, and most importantly immediately begin treatment for drug dependence.

A letter from the "Question / Answer psychiatrist"

His letter to me about drugs, I begin to write without knowing about my mother nih.No with drug addicts lived near the neighborhood, and if we take into account the stories my mom my dad was sick with blood cancer, leukemia that is, put him on medicine painkiller
AMNAPOND is purely medical geroin.Mne at the time was a year and a half, but the stories of my mother I learned how my mother went with my friends addicted to the villages and collected poppy, it was in '98, it was crawling with them on the sites and collecting that is, it helps to collect poppy.
She even saw his varit.Videla addicts died without the sense that fast and slow on glazah.Ne in the sense that physically, but also mentally.
I just want to tell you not that drugs are harmful, and that my mother could see that these drugs are doing what they do with the fate of people. My letter is not finished, that is my mother I did not tell everything to the end, but I like her son to ask her what she'd told me about drugs in more detail,
I'm also not a little boy and I heard my mother telling her friends about it .....
you next to my letter, I'll tell you how my mother tried to even forced to take dangerous drugs ....

Theme: Preventing drug abuse in the family or how to talk with your child about drugs.

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