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Stress path to addiction
No man on earth is immune from stress. This word, though, and is perceived as a negative phenomenon, however, it is called as positive moments in life, and negative. Stress itself is not dangerous, and even stimulates the human body to take action. For example, a person is able to climb in a stressful situation at a high fence without assistance, or to become a champion on the run. But a protracted form of this condition is called chronic stress and is fraught with serious consequences, up to the development of dependence. For example addiction is a disease of emotions, since these people are prone to bad mood, depression and other experiences. Treatment of drug addiction always involves psychological rehabilitation, in order to avoid disruptions in the future.

In times of stress the brain produces cortisol, and large quantities of the substance begins to destroy certain proportion of the brain, which leads to loss of memory, attention, violates the processes responsible for the decision making and planning, and also increases the sensitivity to dopamine, and promotes the formation of relationships.

Man, as a person in need of joy hormone, serotonin. Let's consider the example of a computer according to children and adolescents. The baby requires constant attention to the adults, it is active and wants to spend time with them, so the baby feels loved and happy, and thus receives the hormone of joy - of serotonin. However, the ever-busy parents regularly sent their child throwing a short phrase, "Do not disturb", "Leave me alone," "I am now once." As a result, the child does not feel support, and a complete lack of serotonin, as a source of joy, plunges into a TV or computer games.

If the removal of heavy stress condition often need psychological help, then to raise serotonin can help quite affordable ways.

Morning sun. Sunlight promotes the production of this hormone, no wonder people in the gloomy weather much more susceptible to melancholy.
The monotonous activities such as dancing, knitting, walking improve mood.
The special diet. Serotonin is possible to increase the specific products. These include meat, eggs, cheese, soy, sunflower seeds, chocolate, yogurt and many other products.
Sports 15-20 minutes per day greatly increase the content of this hormone in the body.
Avoid short-term mood stimulants, this coffee, alcohol, cigarettes and others.
Find support. Sympathetic conversationalist, able to help at least a psychologist.

For the people of Europe the price of treatment - 600 euro: detox from

heroin to 3 days (full, painless cure of the drug), accommodation, food

+ meeting, transfer to hotel (shuttle).

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Tel: + 7 495 782 78 12 or Email: mosmedservice@yandex.ru

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