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The effects of smoking spice: reaction to the poison
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More recently, the wort as a relatively harmless blend of herbs, which brings a sense of fun and excitement only a few minutes after drinking was.
Spies equated on the effects on the psychophysical system of a person to heroin and other potent psychotropic substances, but focused on its security.

Today, smoking in many European countries and the former CIS countries is prohibited. Laboratory studies have shown that the seemingly innocuous herbal composition, the light in their structure Psychoactive elements that really adds synthetic cannabinoids and substance JWH-018, which fundamentally destroys mental and physical system of the human body. The hallucinogenic effect and detachment from reality come immediately after the first adoption of the wort, which ultimately leads to irreversible, often fatal, consequences.
Features of the application of the drug

In a world of thousands of known cases of deaths after a few tricks smoking mixture. People who want to get a dose of euphoria and happiness, completely forgot about the destructive influence of the so-called "grass" on the body. If we compare the effects of seasoning with a conventional cigarette smoking or the use of a small amount of alcohol, even alcohol and nicotine, does not cause such a momentary psycho-emotional reaction of the person and not so quickly destroy the body, especially on the cellular level. Smoking blends were developed in order to achieve immediate psychedelic effect, so that its composition can contain absolutely no synthetic substances in any proportion. In this scenario, spice overdose after the first smoked cigarette occur, and the man will inevitably fall on the hospital bed.

The effects of smoking spice should be considered separately in terms impact mixes physical and mental side of the individual.
The manifestations of the physical layer

As spice extends physical effects on the body? After eating the poison dose Räuchermischung straight to the people who actively distribute to all vital organs. Blood The main impact falls on the liver and excretory system. The capillaries are located in areas of the brain begin to shrink too much, to try to avoid the poison to the main brain processors. Thus, the brain does not get enough oxygen and must begin nerve cells to die. It is this inner process gives the same feeling of lightness and euphoria, followed by hunting Smoking. Similar effects of smoking dangerous because cells do not have the ability to regenerate, and the more destructive effect exerted on them is manifest spice the faster a person severe cognitive and psychosomatic disorders.

Do not forget about the negative effects of spices on the airways. The consequences of the use of the mixture are in chronic cough, increased tearing, inflammation of the respiratory tract, the development of lingering forms of laryngitis, pharyngitis, pneumonia etc. expressed If you long to smoke spice, very little chance of avoiding the development of cancer of the larynx, pharynx, mouth or lungs.

Smoking blends have a negative effect on the endocrine and reproductive systems. In men, impotence develops over time, which not be removed later by medication. Private Spice makes women crashing the entire hormonal system, menstrual cycle and sterility at risk. This medication is terrible that such consequences can a few tricks of the mixture occur.

Among other physical consequences of drug use should be allocated as follows:

severe poisoning, intoxication;
Hair loss;
Disorders of the blood pressure;
Disorders of the central nervous system;
the development of cardiovascular disease.

Psycho-emotional reaction of the body

You should specifically on the mental aspects that is. From the use of spices When smoked cigarette people feel at ease, weightlessness throughout the body, it is overwhelming wave of happiness, enthusiasm and euphoria. It is thought that he seemed to grow wings behind the back and he's ready for the fulfillment of the most incredible feats. Depending on the strength of the composition of the smoke mixture (in total there are three types of them: mild, moderate and severe) the individual begins various mental disorders. A smoker can strange noises or language, that really is not heard, to make the images to see clearly into his head to uncontrolled actions, for example, naked walking down the street or to try to throw himself under a car. In humans, there are strong hallucinations, manic delusions, insufficient what is happening around you. In most cases, this reaction is flowing from the sharp drive in a state of complete apathy and vice versa.

Despite such a rich palette of emotions immediately after use spice person feels on top of the world. If this effect disappears, however, comes the stage of the so-called withdrawal. There is a long depression, severe nervousness, irritability, uncontrolled aggression, ataxia. A man looks exhausted, tired and sluggish. Moreover, since the spice has a destructive impact on brain cells in an individual over time deteriorated memory, thought processes, the ability to speak clearly and to express their thoughts, attention is scattered. During the break-up of a person can think of anything else, but as it would still be a dose of lust, so that it formed depressive thoughts and suicide attempts can be.

As a spice contains many synthetic substances that directly affect the psycho-emotional side of the person, the person presents itself almost immediately dependent on the drug. And this relationship is not only on the physical manifestations, but also on the mind on the basis of how the man, remember, they experienced, tends to repeat them again and again positive emotions. Thus, the effects of smoking Spice twice the volume are published and provoke the development of major psychiatric disorders.

Given the fact that Spies strikes among the first central nervous system or the smoke can remain for life with disabilities, or even to fatal end. As the first and, even more so, the second variant is unacceptable for healthy full-fledged personality who seeks to live a long and happy life joy without the effects of the minute. Therefore, in order to avoid negative developments and irreversible destruction of the body, it is recommended that this Smoking Never use adds. If it happened that people still tried Spice and now can not get rid of psychophysical own pursued his retreat he needed help for qualified professionals who, thanks to modern medicines and deep psychological work of his return to full normal life.

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