Who imposes on us harmful and unhealthy habits

Promotion of drugs, alcohol and tobacco

The fact that smoking, alcohol and drugs are harmful, they know everything. However, not all are as high risk of addiction to these things. It seems that is wanted, and you can quit and cigarette and beer. But it is not. Smoking, alcohol and drug addiction - a dangerous habit, and the beginning of this path is always banal. From where such propaganda is taken.

Top smoking contributes to an attractive appearance packaging, beautiful lighter, noticed someone hold the cigarette habit beautifully, skillfully let smoke. Teenagers taking a cigarette seem adult, independent, courageous, and the desire to stand out among his triumphs over the will and intellect. The first cigarette puff every man (and believe me, there are no exceptions) causes the taste sensation of disgust, but the desire to seem adult makes conceal hostility and violence continue over the body. After a short time there and the first need to smoke alone.

That's easy to get hooked on the idea of ​​a deceptive fashion. Also, just get up and into the ranks of beer alcoholism. For many years in a row advertising on television and huge banners in the streets called "Drink!" And will become a real man. A real man wants to be one. Therefore, we are buying a beautiful jars and drinking, not thinking that this man will never be.

Just like addicts replenish troops. Why drug addicts? Because smoking and drinking alcohol is not a physiological necessity of the body!

Since ancient times, people knew about the intoxicating effect of smoke on the human psyche: many poisoning from smoking addiction imposed a ban on smoking in many countries, including in Russia. Only by Peter I, addicted to smoke in the Netherlands, allowed to import tobacco to Russia and to trade them. Tax on import and profit from sales significantly boost the coffers of the state, and smoking has become the norm. So why do we intoxicating tobacco? To replenish the coffers of the state? To meet the fashion? But is it worth to indulge these two facts?

Today, independent scientists around the world on the basis of studies and experiments provide shocking evidence to trace a direct relationship between smoking harmful habit and all sorts of diseases. It is now proved that:

- The risk of lung cancer is directly proportional to the number of cigarettes smoked.

- Out of a hundred cases of tuberculosis occur in 95 smokers.

- Smoking affects the blood vessels of the heart, brain and extremities.

- 80% of smokers suffer from a stomach ulcer.

Not better things with the adoption of alcohol. Our bodies are not designed to accept ethyl alcohol. Taking into an alcoholic drink, a man seven to ten minutes transformed. It feels more relaxed, more fun, there is a sense of celebration and lightness. However, some time later, the mood becomes bad, tormenting headache, nausea. Then what makes a person again to open a bottle of liquor? The answer is simple. Euphoria! It turns out that for a two-hour holiday person is ready to completely change your life for the worse.

Our body is designed so that when making wine spirit all the bodies are subject to the ravages of it. It is changing the composition of the blood, and white blood cells cease to deal with a variety of microbes. As a result, alcoholics often suffer and difficult to treat. In addition, violation of absorbability of vitamin deficiency of vitamins leads to the body, and as a consequence, the weakening of all systems. The first attack exposed to alcohol liver, pancreas, kidneys, reproductive system. Literate people who care about the appearance at healthy children, never allow the use of intoxicating beverages. Any amount of alcohol kills brain cells forever, and frequent use of alcohol changes the appearance and psychophysical condition of people.

If smoking and alcohol addiction can be cured with the right approach and a strong will, to recover from drug addiction is not possible. Drug addiction is a very dangerous and terrible disease, which occurs in the use of narcotic substances. Despite the fact that there are countries which authorized the sale and use of drugs, harm from them is obvious. Legalized spread - a huge income to the state treasury, and no more. It must be remembered that only once succumbed to the entreaties of friends and feel the euphoria and pleasant hallucinations, a person is extremely difficult to give a holiday feel, and the next time and drug treatment will be necessary. Therefore, we must remember that to stop smoking, alcohol and taking drugs can only be a person with a strong will and character. Be strong, to make his life beautiful without narcotic intoxication.

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