The conclusion from binge at home

- Where to begin ?

- Since the first drug treatment at home. Call psychiatrist at the house of the doctor on duty round the clock Phone 8 (495) 782-78-12 Moscow and Moscow region.

The doctor will first and necessary assistance at home, install a drip and start the procedure for removal from the binge. Eventually course of detoxification procedures infusion solution the patient feels relief, a surge of strength, it comes to good health, blood pressure and heart rate returned to normal, there is appetite.

* If necessary, the patient is slowly sinking in a controlled sleep. Upon awakening hangover disappears. By the end of the procedure the doctor will conduct a physical and psychological analysis, and then determine the next steps and is available to advise you.

Booze - it is a serious condition of the patient alcoholism, characterized by constant excruciating need for alcohol, inability to control the quantity, significant deterioration of health when trying to give up its use over time appears alcoholic paranoia.
This state is fraught with grave consequences for the health of the patient. This is due to a catastrophic amount of toxins in the blood and metabolic disorders that can lead to serious complications, including death. Therefore, the earlier qualified help, the better. For this procedure is urgently needed, "detoxification" or withdrawal from binge at home.
Conclusion binge at home - urgent assistance provided at any time. As with any manipulation with the intervention of the human body, the withdrawal must be carried out by experienced binge narcologists such specialists in our clinic TSIPO Mosmedservis.

Particularly relevant opportunity, if assistance is required during the night. TSIPO Mosmedservis provides quality medical, anonymous drug treatment at home in Moscow, namely service - withdrawal from binge at home, 24 hours.

The first thing that needs to be done narcologists - is to study and assess the overall situation, to find out the details of the patient's condition (hereditary, chronic diseases) that are used medicines, and the duration of the binge, the type of alcohol, etc. In addition to the physical condition of the doctor is obliged to monitor the condition of the nervous system and in time to prevent the development of alcoholic psychosis and epilepsy. After the diagnosis of the condition and the conversation with the patient and his loved ones, chosen method of withdrawal from binge at home.

If it is a serious condition alkoglika, the home is recommended only the initial phase of withdrawal from binge
As all further procedures must be controlled by physicians during the entire time of treatment.
After preparatory work doctor begins treatment with injections and intravenous lines. Their recipes are compiled on the basis of two conditions: the withdrawal of alcohol from the blood and support the whole organism. After the withdrawal of intoxication task of the physician is to develop the tactics of subsequent medical care.
As a result, properly conducted withdrawal from binge at home being sick should greatly improve, the dream to become a strong and prolonged, and craving for alcohol should abyss.

There are a number of circumstances, when withdrawal from binge at home may not be implemented and should resort to outpatient treatment. This is due to the possibility of complications that can be caused by old age, the presence of severe disease, etc.
We should not forget that the patient bring in a sober state only with the help of prescription medications competently with his consent, but only for a short time. Therefore, after the implementation of procedures for withdrawal from binge at home, you must go to the clinic for further treatment of alcoholics.

For any questions on alcohol addiction treatment in the hospital and at home, please call 8-495-782-78-12 - "Anonymous Drug Addiction Mosmedservis Moscow". Chance of treatment at home with the frequency of visits your physician narcologist for necessary procedures, installation and use of intravenous medications. The doctor monitors you the whole course of treatment is in touch with you 24 hours, the psychological support you and your loved ones all the way to get rid of dependence.
During treatment at the Clinic You do not feel the lack of understanding on the part of medical staff: all treatment takes place anonymously, at your request in the House, you can be alone without meeting with other patients. We will try to make your stay very comfortable and efficient.

Certainly better not to drink alcohol, but when comes the turn of events, it is to resist this is very difficult. This means that most likely you will need a remedy for hard drinking. The best way to get out of the binge is a dropper. But for this you need to contact narcologists who for a fee will do it. While there is no doctor, the first thing to do is to fill the shortage of water in the body, as the alcohol takes water. Drink water containing alkali, e.g., "essentuki" "Borjomi". Its effect is 3 times higher than the effect of plain water. Cabbage or cucumber brine also helps to relieve a hangover before the release of the binge. It is enough to drink half a glass of brine, or salt will prevent the rapid removal of fluid and cause edema. Lemon juice also helps to cope with the hangover. It is necessary to squeeze the juice of 2-3 lemons and diluted with a little water. Orange juice, a drink made from wild rose or berry juice will also help reduce the effects of the binge. But if binge or severe hangover, these funds are unlikely to help. In this case, you will need a psychiatrist doctor with a dropper and procedures withdrawal from binge at home. To facilitate the hangover help milk products: kefir, yogurt, dance, mare, Ira. These funds should be drunk on an empty stomach in small portions. Of all fermented drinks is the best mare. Lactic acid and vitamins B, contained therein, are able to ease the hangover. Well facilitates binge and the hangover of cocoa. Antidepressants that it contains, to help cope with anxiety and pain, lighten the mood and performance. 150 ml. drink will be enough to reduce poor health. Instead of cocoa dark chocolate you can eat, what not to eat, but dissolve and drink anything. Kvass is also able to reduce the hangover after a long binge. Only need to drink homemade kvass of natural fermentation. When the hangover in any case can not drink coffee, so as the body is experiencing a tremendous burden. Not tyanite- is your health! Call a physician and psychiatrist hasten to provide services output from binge at home.

Remember, the best way to get rid of the binge is a dropper, but for that you need to consult a professional doctor to help carry out the procedure "withdrawal from binge at home."

For any questions call the psychiatrist at home for withdrawal from binge at home, the coding block alcohol dependence or filing esperal please call 8 (495) 782-78-12 MOSMEDSERVIS clock Moscow and Moscow region.

If your loved one is suffering from alcoholism - it is a great tragedy that requires immediate intervention. When time to be able to help people overcome this insidious disease and to take the path of healing.

What happens to the body during a binge?

Protracted drinking - is the result of the formed alcohol dependence. Sometimes it happens that the patient does not want to drink, but the body continues to require alcohol. Alcoholics say that in this period, they observed a significant deterioration of health, there is body aches, tremors of hands, a wild headache. A person can become loose so that it will be difficult to get out of bed. Only the adoption of the next dose of alcohol helps them get back to normal. In this case, elimination of binge at home - it is a way out. Chronic administration of alcohol poison begins to accumulate in the body begins to destroy the bodies and makes internal systems to the limit.

If you want to hire the services of Drug Rehabilitation Center, the elimination of binge at home is possible only with the consent of the patient. If a patient starts to fight back, the doctor will not be able to give him the qualified help. In this case, the treatment will be different scheme >>> "compulsory treatment of alcoholism."

Withdrawal from binge at home takes place in several stages. First, you need to rid the body from intoxication. Then eliminate the hangover and stop the vicious circle: alcohol-hangover-alcohol. Patients undergoing a special examination, after which a decision on further treatment. The patient is administered a special solution, which reduces painful hangover. Withdrawal from binge at home takes place in complete privacy. The patient may not have to worry that his illness will know colleagues or friends. Medical practice takes into account the presence of chronic diseases, and overall health. The patient is administered vitamins, antioxidants, demulcents. If necessary, the doctor will put the patient at home drip.

Separate elimination of binge at home is not always successful, so it's best to consult specialists. After the treatment the patient becomes calmer, he stabilizes blood pressure and heart rate and nausea disappeared. After the procedure the doctor introduces him sleeping pills to avoid temporary sleep disorders. Sometimes there is a need in the introduction anticonvulsant, antihypertensive and arrhythmic drugs. Only the quality and professional elimination of binge at home can help a sick person. This disease needs immediate care and treatment specialists, but in this case it is possible to hope for a favorable outcome.

If you want some relief from the condition of a loved one to the arrival of the doctor, you can use the following methods:

There are popular ways to get rid of hangover. They should be used only as aids, as against alcoholism requires an integrated approach.

Brew tea with lemon. The acid will neutralize the poison.
Give patient activated carbon 1 tablet per 10 kg of body weight. These pills are perfectly removes toxins and wastes from the body.
Cucumber pickle and sauerkraut well relieve headache and nausea
Make broth hips. These berries a lot of vitamin C. This drink will strengthen and tone the body.

If your relative is sick with alcoholism, I do not turn away from him. Help him overcome this terrible disease. Only your faith, support, patience and the help of qualified professionals can bring the patient out of this state and bring it to a better life.

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