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Narcological service

Call of the English-speaking doctor of the expert in narcology

· Urgent (emergency), departure of the expert in narcology on the House to the patient, services of the expert in narcology psychiatrist round the clock (Moscow and area).

· The anonymous narcological help, plan of treatment and rehabilitation in house conditions with application of stationary methods of treatment.

· Fast removal of an abstinentny syndrome (removal of narcotic withdrawal pains anonymously, hangover removal) services of the doctor of the expert in narcology at home.

· Quickly we bring the patient into a working condition (sobering alcoholic, narcotic clarification) services of the expert in narcology at home.

· Maintenance of the patient in working condition throughout all plan of treatment (without an exit on hospital) services of the expert in narcology at home.

· All types of coding (coding from alcohol, coding from drugs).

· Blocking of the use of narcotic substances (blocking from drugs), blocking from alcohol.

· A detoxication (the accelerated clarification of an organism, a dropper from a hangover, a conclusion from hard drinking, removal from long hard drinking).

· Mental (psychological) treatment of alcoholic and drug addiction, treatment of a deep depression.

· Dependence treatment to kodeinosoderzhashchy preparations (from medical preparations: "Terpinkod", "Kodelak", etc.).

· A psychological assistance to the patient and his family, round-the-clock support of the psychologist by phone.

· Consultation of relatives and relatives of the patient (round the clock phone +7 (495) 782-78-12.

· Family psychologist, children's psychologist, personal psychologist. Work with teenagers. Services of the doctor of the psychologist, the psychiatrist expert in narcology departure on the house.

· Application of innovative methods of treatment in narcology and psychiatry.

· Epilepsy treatment against alcoholism and drug addiction.

· All types of diagnostics and analyses, laboratory.

· Departure of the doctor of the expert in narcology, the psychologist for carrying out plan of treatment to any region of the Russian Federation.
· Departure of the doctor of the psychologist expert in narcology for survey about the use of narcotic substances. (Check, the child about the use of drugs, an individual approach).

    We accept patients on treatment from Europe, we will provide a meeting and farewell, favorable conditions.

Call of the doctor across Moscow
Call of the doctor of the expert in narcology on the house
Removal of narcotic withdrawal pains
Conclusion from hard drinking at home
Organism clarification from drugs
Narcological service

Call of the doctor of the expert in narcology on the house by phone in Moscow +7-495-782-78-12 round the clock

Specialized anonymous narcological clinic of the company «Мосмедсервис»

Efficiency of treatment of drug addiction

Drug addiction today can be compared with the disaster. Every day from drug die young people. Its scale is enormous. This terrible dependency leads to inevitable death. It completely destroys the health and personality of the person. This is a real plague of modernity. The extent of this problem are horrific and are forced to think more globally. In ordinary life, there are many examples of drug addiction from this terrible disease suffer many. If a close person gets addicted relatives are with him all the circles of hell. A terrible grief to them.

There is severely dependent people. Drug addicts. There are less serious flaws, such as alcoholism. Getting addicted man falls out of the reality of life, his personality completely destroyed. He forgets the relatives and close friends, and one thought on his mind, receive momentary pleasure again and again by any means. Any dependence of the fear of man. He degrades. Destroyed the old values. Favorite when people cease to be such for him. Vices come to the fore.

Afraid of «gamers»who often carry the last valuables from the house. The game draws them into a dangerous trap. Man does not give an account of his actions, is not aware of reality. Spends large amounts of money on the machines and casino. Drug addicts, alcoholics and «gamers» in most cases do not consider themselves to be dependent and sick people. They just don't realize it. Life values and priorities have shifted. Parents and relatives are often unable to help them. Treatment agree units in voluntary form.

Depending today captured the hearts and souls of men. This was a disaster in our country. That's why they began to open narcological clinics. Their number is growing every year. The government cares about its citizens, but cannot cope with this disaster, because the USSR left us inheritance (narcological clinics and methods of treatment), because in the Soviet Union was not drug addicts and a large number of alcoholics requiring treatment. On this now in the country there is as such an effective drug treatment.

Develop special programmes for the treatment only in private clinics.

Our company name is caused by the anonymity of our actions with VIP clients, who did not want to hear the words "drug", "alcoholism", "dependency" and others during treatment and rehabilitation, because at stake career, family, etc. So it was 10 years ago, it remains so now. For anonymity we respond.

International method of treatment of drug addiction, which uses «Мосмедсервис»
widespread around the world.
For the first time this method was started in America. Today is actively used in Russia, where it has proved itself.

Often пролечившись in a normal hospital, without rehabilitation ill again breaks on drugs and alcohol. It is a vicious circle. Like a prisoner makes a move for ходкой and a drug addict. This is your way of life. Endless ordeal.
Psychotropic substances assigned a narcologist in the treatment of patients help only for a short time. People from one illusion gets to the other. Once again in their familiar environment, a drug addict he falls off again on the needle. Only few people can escape from this vicious circle, he is free from dependence.

«Мосмедсервис» offers a real solution to the problem and helps after treatment stay in remission for a long time. In our clinic, patients do not humiliate, there competently communicate with them psychologists and help to adapt to normal life. They use the competent psychological techniques, communicate with patients on an equal say about the value of human life and the possibility of a wonderful future. Experts hope for a better, learn to live without drugs. They talk about how to live perfectly, analyze different life situations. This is not a psychological impact against the will of the patient, and simple communication. Psychologists talk, explain that life cannot live without the sorrows and troubles. At the same time help to realize that the world and without drugs is beautiful. They teach you how to live a full life.
 This rehabilitation program cures people and helps them return to normal life. Psychologists explain that life is beautiful, and there's relatives and loved ones. No need to hide from the world. They are taught how to live a normal happy life and be rehabilitated in society. «Мосмедсервис» improves the quality of life of patients. As a result of this program for the rehabilitation of freed from dependence on a great number of people and not only from Russia but also from Europe, there is a qualitative treatment several times more expensive, so they come to us for treatment and rehabilitation. «Мосмедсервис» got positive feedback and gratitude from different countries. In Russia this method appeared quite recently. It is known only to the few. But each year, this program expands. A healthy population is a nation. The results of the program are astounding. The majority of drug addicts who have undergone treatment and rehabilitation «Мосмедсервис»never return to his former life, to bad companies and harmful habits. They are in long-term remission and do not think about their dependency anymore. Anyone without restriction may take a course of treatment in «Мосмедсервис continue to adapt in the society without drugs. Any Russian can ask for help in «Мосмедсервис»and he will help.

Provided treatment and rehabilitation (full course), observance of readings and assignments doctors "Мосмедсервис" - we give a 100% guarantee for deliverance from drug addiction, for which we bear full responsibility confirmed with documents from both sides. In case of failure to fulfill its obligations, "Мосмедсервис" will refund 100% of payment for treatment and rehabilitation.
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