Drug treatment


Department of narcology and family psychology clinic "Mosmedservice" this is a highly professional treatment of alcohol and drug abuse. The territory of drug treatment services in Moscow and the Moscow region. Best doctors have passed the courses of the European and American methods of treatment of drug and alcohol abuse.

The clinic is located, on the basis of this medical center, which allows for the treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism, and concomitant diseases. Long and permanent presence in drug intoxication, has a negative impact on the health of the whole organism. In addition to diseases such as cirrhosis of the liver, pancreatitis, deteriorating overall health of the person. A complete approach to healing calls not only out of drugs, but the real improvement of health of the person.

Other services

In addition to psychiatrists and narcologists narcological clinic offers the following professionals: family psychologist; neurologist; adolescent psychiatrist, psychologist; psychotherapist; hypnologist-psychotherapist. Our narcological hospital for sick of drug addiction and alcoholism has the main and most important distinctive individuality is the harmonious team of great professionals working in addiction for over 13 years. They are always ready to show their professional assistance and applied to any person. Important is the fact that besides doctors-narcologists work with patients and therapists providing the correct mood for healing, and physicians of other fields of medicine, observing the General well-being of our patients. Laboratory studies of biological liquids on drugs, alcohol, tobacco.

Likewise for anonymous drug abuse treatment center. Here you can undergo treatment from drug addiction and alcoholism. Such treatment allows healing incognito. In addition to this, plus there is another is the presence of a separate VIP wards in the hospital. It often becomes the main factors in the choice of our hospital.

Work of the center
As the success of treatment no matter what the dependency is directly connected with the motivation of the patient - special attention is paid to the fact, that having addressed to us, You felt very comfortable. For many patients, call of doctor on a house is considered more acceptable method of treatment of alcoholism. The only reason why our addiction unit, specially not inflate prices for mobile services. If a client prefers to call the doctor at home and not go to the hospital - he is not obliged to pay.

We offer

1. Available prices, counseling, and home visits.
2. Work of the clinic is open all day.
3. The doctor arrives at the house for one hour on the city of Moscow(subject to traffic).
4. All our doctors are experienced psychiatrist-narcologists with higher honey education and supplementary education with constant increase of the qualifications.

Treatment of alcohol dependence always starts with the removal of binge at home or in the hospital. The duration of alcohol use affect the number of necessary procedures of detoxification and complex application of necessary medical preparations, which will assign our doctor narcologist. At the check-out narcologist, the patient will be given emergency, anonymous, drug treatment at home using the most effective drugs and methods to suit the patient. The output from the back, coding or blocking from alcohol, it all procedures provided by narcologists, both at home and at our hospital. During the procedure of detoxification-detox (withdrawal from binge with dropper), from the doctor narcologist, You will feel the support and understanding, so necessary at this moment You and Your relatives. We look for and find the approach to each patient individually, so all our narcologists engaged in the home, are professional psychologists, who quickly find a common language with the young and elderly patients, because the understanding of the patient-physician relatives, this is the original and primary task, treatment and rehabilitation of patients.
- Where to start ?

- From the first drug treatment at home, call a psychiatrist by - phone 8 (495) 782-78-12 in Moscow and Moscow region.
For residents of the regions - a telephone consultation with a doctor narcologist.

The doctor will provide the necessary first aid at home, will install a drip and start the procedure withdrawal from binge. Over time, progress infusion detoxication solution, the patient feels relief, a burst of energy, comes to him good health, blood pressure and heart rate returned to normal, has a good appetite. As required* the patient slowly immersed in a controlled sleep. After waking up hangover disappears. By the end of the procedure the doctor will conduct a physical and
psychological analysis to determine further actions and common
it is clear to advise You.

- What happens next? If booze without discontinuous, continued for a long time and the patient's condition is very severe?

- After the first drug treatment at home (first dropper or procedures), our doctor will develop a treatment of alcohol dependence in hospital or at home, which will be taken into account every detail, work or study, illness, marital status, Hobbies, nature and of course the participation of relatives and friends, then it will consult You about the course and methods of treatment. Usually in severe cases, continuous binge, the rate of excretion is connected directly with the number of intravenous or doctor's visits to your house (narcological assistance at home). From long drinking bouts after removal, rehabilitation period is considerably longer and is determined narcologists had first drug treatment at home. Doctor psychiatrist, will be available to You 24 hours a day. You can always get emergency counselling or psychological support, the patient or the patient's relative, Your doctor who had first drug treatment at home is always connected.

- Each person is an individual, the duration of treatment, the frequency of procedures, the methodology will determine Your physician, after the first drug treatment at home.

- Call on Moscow phone 8-495-782-78-12, You will get advice on treatment of alcohol dependence, the treatment for drug use at home, coding or block of alcoholism and more. On all Your questions to practitioners psychiatrist-narcologists. The territory of emergency, anonymous drug treatment Moscow and the Moscow region.

>> Phone consult a doctor narcologist for self-treatment for residents of the regions

About our work

"Mosmedservice" oldest company in the market of narcological services, operates since 2001.

In the medical center of the company "MOLDSERVICE" - you will receive specialized, anonymous, psychological, drug treatment at home or in the hospital. Calling to our medical center You will get a qualified and understandable advice, also via our phone of "trust", You will receive psychological support for relatives and sick addiction.

Addiction treatment

Our treatment methods are identified and are based on the most effective methods
proven in narcology, psychiatry around the world. The last time Maimedservis took up this narrow specialization, as dependence treatment "spice" or Smoking mixtures (JWH), flooded our cities and sold without restriction, and quite legally. Treatment addiction to drugs or alcohol developed anonymously and individually, it will include medical treatment only certified and time-tested medicines. Our task this new life of patients, a complete failure from addiction to alcohol or drugs, helping the relatives because
without their direct participation, treatment will be heavier and longer
the percentage of relapse is much higher.

"Mosmedservice" carries out constant work on improvement and development of new methods of treatment of alcohol and heroin dependency.

Our organization is licensed, all the doctors have
certificates of doctors of addiction psychiatrists, which confirms
the expertise of our actions in the provision of anonymous drug treatment.

Drug addiction and alcoholism,is a terrible disease that take away man
everything: work, home, friends, and in the end, and life itself. About drug abuse and
alcoholism is not to say aloud, dependent people
despise and just ignore. But, no matter how scary it sounded, there is no guarantee that the addiction to drugs and alcohol, and later of narcotic breaking or alcohol addiction period will not affect your family.

At the beginning of our physician must determine the basis, the cause, the problem of use at its root. In the first consultation should involve all people close to the patient, because the information received from them will be very important further treatment. After a full psihiko-physical analysis and rendering of the first medical drug treatment, including detoxification (removal dropper), painless removal of narcotic withdrawal or alcohol hangover, the doctor will develop the optimal course of treatment that will be unique and highly effective for the patient.

The course of treatment within the family
gives great results. Within the family or with close friends patient is under psychological control and management of its mentality and actions of relatives will determine our doctor narcologist, after consultation and directly during treatment.

-What to do if the problem is You or your loved ones?

-The only correct way is not to deny the problem of drug abuse or alcoholism, acknowledge it
the existence and then get rid of unwanted, destructive and terrible
dependency. Of course, easier said than done. But the main thing is
sincere and conscious desire to change your life and the ones for the better,
get rid of that kills and destroys You and Your family. And don't be afraid
to apply for help to specialists.

Do not expect the problem will disappear by itself, does not believe the promises, take action, the sooner the better for all. The main thing is not swear dependent, that's their problem, they are sick people who need to be treated. And primary care will be provided to You, the relatives and close people, because the patient there is no one else and not to rely on anyone, Your main task is to acknowledge the problem and make a decision to be treated.

Many times in our practice, we had to deal with people that have exacerbated the course of their disease, having heard the advice of all kinds of healers, sorcerers, magicians and psychics... Seeing in practice, the destructiveness of blind faith in the miraculous urine, we would like to make some recommendations to the people who care about their health and that of their loved ones.

First, there are no miracles! You cannot cure it with tomatoes and garlic, where required surgery. So the first tip: believe it not, when you promise gold mountains, kiselny river, the Kingdom of heaven, etc. this is All a lie!

Second, use your head, not your wallet. Remember, avaricious pays twice. Always think before you bring someone your money and if once the psychic promises to disinfect drinking or drug addiction mashed into powder potato, flee from it and go to the doctor narcologist.

Third, the doctors are not idiots and if they advise - this means that you need it. Although there are a lot of scams. Be careful.

And so, following these three simple rules, you will relieve yourself from any kind of charlatans from medicine!

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