Cocaine. Harmful effects. The cleansing of the body after consumption

If you're using cocaine - stop doing it!

A bit of theory:
Cocaine, what is it? This is a white powder, looks like snow. In fact, Cocaine is an alkaloid that is obtained as a result of extraction from the leaves of plants cocci, or Eryhoxylum coca. This plant is the most ancient of known to mankind funds with strong stimulating effect of the psyche.
The most severe effects of cocaine in the form of specific intoxication occurs by inhalation of cocaine nose. The most interesting is that inhalation of cocaine comes not fatal overdoses, specific psychosis with delusions of persecution and aggression. You need the cleansing of the body after consumption of cocaine or cleaning after cocaine.
Cocaine is referred to expensive narcotic drugs and thus are more rich people. In Russia it as such, but in the States cocaine distributed more, so it is often pure cocaine is not the case, and on the "black market" you can find a drug with impurities.
Cocaine has become so love the artistic and sports elite for its toning and narcotic effect. While the mechanism of action is caused by exposure to the neurotransmitters: dopamine, noradrenaline, serotonin. In the result of passing the momentum is accelerating, but the number of neurotransmitter decreases. Euphoria and a psychological dependence is caused by blocking dopamine transport in the Central nervous system. By the psychic excitation is observed tachycardia, shortness of breath, increased blood pressure, sweating, dilated pupils. In the long term: sleep disorders, insomnia, nausea and headaches, frequent colds and nasal bleeding, irritability, tremor, psychosis, and depression may be hallucinations, the propensity to suicide and the development of arrhythmias.

Purification and treatment of the body after consumption of cocaine.

When treating cocaine gipervozbujdenia use the procedure detoxification (the cleansing of the body after consumption of cocaine) with the use of concomitant courthouse square, and Entomologicheskoe treatment in the form of the heavily gipertoniceski kriza and attacks arrhythmias. And in the treatment of addiction to cocaine - psychoanalysis with simultaneous full stopping the drug. The procedure detoxification can be made both in hospital and at home.
Will cause our doctor, the psychiatrist at home for cleaning the body after consumption of cocaine. Our specialist remains to your home within hours (in Moscow). The doctor will conduct procedure of cleansing the body of cocaine (detoxification) directly at home, as needed* make use of sedatives and hypnotics, prediagnostic the work of the heart and the body in General. After necessary procedures and use of medical preparations, You will feel the long-awaited relief and comfort, heart rate and blood pressure will return to normal, as required* You will slowly sink into sleep. The service "call the psychiatrist at home" for purification of the body after consumption of cocaine completely anonymous, professional doctors carrying out calls at home certified and licensed that confirms the professionalism of our actions in rendering the first medical aid.
* Additional use of tranquilizers and sleeping pills discussed with the doctor during the treatment of detoxification.

Useful information:
Overdose of cocaine

An overdose of such powerful drugs like cocaine causes not only delusional state with hallucinations, but also often cause severe violations of heart rhythm, up to a complete stop the heart. This stops breathing does not occur gradually, which is less dangerous, and suddenly. If you find the complete absence of respiration in man has used cocaine, first, check his pulse. Best of all, he probed the carotid artery, which is located on the side of the neck, just below gland, but to begin to determine its location, so it will be easier to navigate. If you have made sure that no pulse, no breathing, no, not immediately call an ambulance, and while it is in transit, without losing time to start artificial respiration and cardiac massage. You need the cleansing of the body after consumption of cocaine or cleaning after cocaine.

Cardiac massage:

It is necessary to put the person has used cocaine on a hard flat surface, for that would head went back and opened her mouth under his shoulders necessarily put any fabric tightly rolled into a roll. Further, with the entire span apply two strong blow of his fist on the chest just above the solar plexus, approximately at the level of the fourth intercostal space. If that doesn't work, continue to massage place kick thus: fold your hands on one another and sharp jolts grounds of brushes by training the weight of your body continue massage. The aftershocks of this should be not only strong, but frequent, about one impetus in the second, as well as alternate heart massage and artificial respiration thus two breaths, then 15 aftershocks. Even if your attempts at resuscitation not give the result will still continue to massage before the arrival of an ambulance, in no cases do not stop or sbavlyaya rhythm, so you more than half an hour can support human life with overdose of cocaine. Read more on page Emergency assistance to drug addicts.
If you're using cocaine - stop doing it!

on the subject:

Pablo Escobar. King cocaine Empire.

Medelian cocaine cartel - powerful criminal organization, founded in 1977 in Medellin, the second largest city in Colombia. The cartel was engaged in manufacturing, sale and transportation of cocaine. The main sales market for Madeline , was the United States. Already to the beginning 80-XX years cartel controlled 80% of U.S. cocaine market. Actively participating in the political life of Colombia and having an army-controlled politicians, judges and officials, Medelian cartel, and its leader Pablo Escobar was actually the shadow government of Colombia.
The date of Foundation of the cartel is considered to be the summer of 1977, when several local clans, have combined their efforts on the production and sale of cocaine. One of the founders and permanent leader of the cartel was Pablo Escobar, the man, the fame of which was not inferior to its cruelty. The history of the cartel, and throughout Colombia 80's early 90-ies of XX century, was closely connected with the name of this man.
Being expelled from school at age 16 Pablo started avtogonki. Gradually, who made a group of followers, he expanded "activity" to the kidnapping and ransom for stolen cars. In 1971 people Escobar abducted and murdered Diego Echeveria - rich industrialist, which local peasants desperately hated. The rumors of involvement in the crime, together with the charity (Escobar finances the construction of housing for the poor) bring Pablo respect of peasants and reputation of Robin hood. Subsequently, the support of the population is not just going to help a drug Lord to get away from the pursuers. Already by 1972-old Pablo Escobar is one of the most notorious outlaws of Medellin.
Because of convenient transportation and geographical proximity, the US market was the main cocaine for Colombian drug lords. And for those times new generation of Americans did not want to settle for one of marijuana, they needed a more powerful drug. And in the United States, mainly through Miami, began to import cocaine.
Originally Pablo Escobar was only an intermediary, buying from producers and selling to people smugglers. But soon Escobar started and transportation, and by 1976 completely controlled the export of cocaine out of the country, taxing its 35% tax, in return for delivery. Disagree with this kind of "imposed by the service" Pablo simply killed.
The cartel starts to acquire army bought politicians, judges, prosecutors. Money poured in. And by 1979 thirty years of Pablo Escobar is literally awash in luxury. Owned by a drug Lord had 34 villas , 500 thousand hectares of land, forty rare cars. In his estate Escobar dug 20 artificial lakes, and even built a mini airport, with the landing platform. On the territory of his estate Pablo started Safari Park, which were brought numerous animals from all over the world. Despite the fact that Escobar was married and had children, in a remote part of his estate he built something like a harem, where he was held for more than 400 mistresses: winners of beauty contests, models and Actresses.
Giving them many gifts and bringing cosmeticians and make-up artists from Paris and Milan. In 1989 he even will be included in the list of Forbes. However, in order to enlist the support of the poor, Escobar actively finances the construction in Medellin: paving roads, build stadiums, schools, free housing for the poor.
Having absolute authority in the criminal world, Pablo Escobar trying to succeed in politics. In 1982 he became the substitute member of the Congress of Colombia, that is, it could replace the congressmen during their absence. But new Congressman that was not enough, he had presidential ambitions, which was not destined to come true. After the nomination Escobar for the post of presidential candidate, then-Minister of justice of Colombia Rodrigo Lara Bone, began to actively oppose the use of cocaine money in the election campaign. Eventually, in January 1984, thanks to the efforts of the Minister, Escobar was expelled from the Congress. Such Pablo could not forgive even the Minister, and April 30, Mercedes Rodrigo Lara Bone was shot on one of the Central streets of Bogota. It was the first murder of the official of such a level.
By the mid 80-ies of the leader Medelian cartel began to thicken the clouds. Between the Colombian government and the US reached agreement on extradition of drug lords guilty of smuggling drugs into the United States, where Escobar guaranteed threatened with life imprisonment. On this cartel said the terror, which was created by the guerrilla group "Los Extraditables. The squad was involved in the killings and attacks on officials, police and people, hindering the cocaine cartel. The income of the cartel from the sale of cocaine become so great that in 1986 Pablo Escobar invites the government to pay the external debt of Colombia, approximately 10 billion dollars, in exchange for the legalization of cocaine production.
In 1987 from Colombia to the United States has been sent to Carlos Leyder, nearest improvised Escobar, who became the prototype of the hero johnny Depp in the movie "Cocaine". Escobar have to hide, using many shelters across the country.
In 1989, oppressive their position, Escobar offers Colombian justice deal. He was ready to give up, but upon condition of their extradition to the US. The Colombian government has denied that the cartel will again meet terror.
Only 2 weeks of August, in Bogota, people cartel has made 7 bombings, which killed 37 people. on August 16, cocaine cartel kills members of the Supreme court of Carlos Valencia, and the next dies police Colonel Waldemar Franklin D. Kontera. on 18 August, during the rally, was killed a prominent Colombian politician Luis Carlos Galan. Promised, if elected President, to extradite to US all involved in the drug trade. on November 27, 1989, one of the terrorist groups, financed by cocaine cartel, explode passenger aircraft on Board of which there were 107 people, none of whom survived. The intended purpose of the terrorists was the SESAR Gaviria Trujillo, who later became President of Colombia, which by happy coincidence did not fly this flight.
The government will respond to numerous arrests of drug traffickers, the destruction of laboratories and plantations of cocaine. Revenge of the cartel will be two assassination of the chief of the Colombian secret police General Miguel Masu Marquez. When one of them, at the time of the explosion, 6 December 1989, were killed 62 people.
Going by intimidation and blackmail, by 1991, Escobar possible to cancel the decision on the extradition of drug traffickers in the United States. And on 19 June, the leader of "Madeline" surrenders to the authorities, admitting guilt in several significant crimes. For punishment Escobar place in prison "La Catedral", built by him. In addition to a sauna and Jacuzzi there was disco, and even a football field. Conclusion lasted a little over a year and ended on 19 July 1992, when President Gaviria gave the order about transfer Escobar in a normal prison. The cause was one case when several partners Escobar tried to usurp a portion of its profits. He ordered to bring them in "La Catedral", drug Lord himself had subjected them to inhuman torture, pulled out the nails were drilled down. Then the captives were killed and the bodies were taken. One of two murders Escobar made personally.
To serve the sentence in the jail in the plans Escobar was not, and he again went on the run. But the position of a drug Baron became heavier. He was persecuted elite government squad "Special Search Team," the militants of the organization "Los Pepes", an acronym which meant "People affected by Pablo Escobar". In fact it was a terrorist group, organized and funded by the Cali cartel - the main competitor of "Madeline" in the cocaine business. Unable to get the Escobar "Los Pepes" started to kill everyone who was related to the cartel. Empire Escobar was caused serious damage: killed many improvised, burned farmhouses, "Los Pepes" harassed his family.
Escobar sought to protect his family, moving them in Germany. But the special services of the USA put pressure on the German government, and the family Escobar returned to Colombia, settling in the hotel.
In the autumn of 1993 Medelian cartel ceases to exist. 1 December 1993 Pablo celebrated his 44th birthday. By this time he already more than a year has not seen his family. Talking to them on the phone Escobar tried for a long time not to be on the line, fearing that the NSA agents will mark its location. But during a conversation with his son, Juan, 2 December 1993, Escobar remained connected for about 5 minutes, this time was enough to keep track of the call. The drug Lord was discovered in medelian quarter Los Olivos, in the house of his aunt Luckily Gaviria. When riot police began to storm, Escobar started to fire and tried to escape through the roof of the house where he was overtaken by a sniper's bullet. However, the version aunt drug Lord differs from the official one. According to her Escobar realizing that this time he was not to leave killed himself, it was confirmed and neighbors. According to rumors in the head Pablo was found 2 bullets, only one of which belonged to the sniper. Near the dead body of Escobar immediately began to take pictures of the participants of the storm. Subsequently, this photo will sweep the whole world.
on 3 December 1993, held a funeral, thousands of people took to the streets of Medellin. Some just wanted to see the corpse of one of the most powerful people in Colombia, someone happy, many were crying. And their tears were not fake, because Escobar really cared about the poor population of Medellin: built free accommodation, stadiums, roads, and by the middle of 80-ies in the activities of the cartel was involved about 15 thousand people. Work on the cartel was the main source of income for many Colombian families, because the country for nearly half a century was torn by civil wars and unemployment.
During the existence of the cartel from his hands were killed: three presidential candidates, the Minister of justice, more than 200 judges, about 1,000 police officers, dozens of journalists, 110 passengers transport aircraft, during the terrorist attack on November 27, 1987. A car explosion in the centre of Bogota, January 30, 1993, claimed the lives of 27 people.

As we all know, Cocaine is a substance which has been used for medicinal purposes, that is cocaine used as a drug that reduces pain and increases the tension of the body. But it is only in small doses, cocaine is the drug. In fact it's just a plant. And man when he takes feels relaxation, you can compare it with alcohol intoxication. But again, we should not forget that cocaine causes irreversible changes in the body and what the person actually dies. From this, cocaine is the most severe drug. This requires the cleansing of the body from cocaine or removing hangover after cocaine use and subsequent treatment.

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