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Withdrawal from binge coding alcoholism, breaking the removal, cleansing the body of drugs and drug overdose, psychological work with young people on the background of drug addiction and alcoholism - all this in-home treatments psychiatrist-narcologist.

- Where to begin ? and when ?
- Since the first drug treatment at home, wait for abstinence syndrome (hangover, withdrawal). The patient's condition is at its peak, it is the right time to call the psychiatrist in the house and start treatment.

Call psychiatrist at home in Moscow around the clock by phone 8 (495) 782-78-12

The psychiatrist will come to your home for an hour (+ - on
Moscow). The doctor will begin the procedure of cleansing the body
withdrawal or removal of binge breaking uses
needed painkillers, sedatives and sleeping pills, diagnose cardio vascular system and

After the procedure, you will feel relief and sedation, if necessary you slowly
Immerse yourself in a dream. The service "call the psychiatrist at home" is completely anonymous, occupational therapists
narcologists performing house calls, certified and licensed it
It confirms the professionalism of our actions in the provision of
medical care.

All "off-site" doctors addiction psychiatrists acting on the service "call the psychiatrist at home" are qualified family psychologist. Our doctor will help to achieve peace and understanding in the family during treatment, it is included in its main task during the course of rehabilitation. The attending physician will be available for you within 24 hours, at any time you can contact him and get counseling or psychological support.

After the procedure psychiatrist will conduct a physical and
psychological analysis and then determine the next steps and common understanding to advise you and your family.

Addiction treatment is carried out in several stages, violation of or failure to follow doctor's appointments lead to an immediate breakdown of all treatment and rehabilitation.

Alcoholism treatment is carried out as well in several stages, the first of their withdrawal from binge or detoxification, drip.

Treatment of drug addiction or withdrawal of drug withdrawal at home, need to go through professional narcologists.

- What will happen after the procedure?

- Further develop our doctor psychiatrist treatment depending on the house, which will be taken into account
Every detail, work or study, marital status, and of course part of loved ones, and then
I consult with you about the course of treatment and rehabilitation.

- How much, and how to continue treatment and rehabilitation?

- Timing determine your physician.

Each person is different, just after
complete analysis and diagnosis, can be said about the approximate timing of the treatment and
Do not expect that the problem will disappear by itself, do not believe the promises start
act, the sooner the better for everyone. Call psychiatrist at home, this is the first stage of addiction treatment for alcohol or drugs.

Carrying out home visits drug experts are professional psychologists, who quickly find a common language with the young and elderly patients, because the understanding of the patient, physician, family is the main task of psychological treatment and rehabilitation of patients.

Call psychiatrist at home in Moscow around the clock by phone 8 (495) 782-78-12 Mosmedservis.

Call psychiatrist home

Today, because of alcoholism case of large number of deaths. And this is connected not only with the injury that affects people in a drunken state. But often because of complications occurring in the body long after taking alcohol. It is a fact, and if the state can not influence the situation and no one else, too, it remains only to take emergency measures. For example, when intoxication drinking when you need emergency assistance. This usually requires an anonymous call to the psychiatrist at home.

To bring the patient out of a number of measures carried out binge. This is primarily excretion of decay of alcohol with a dropper. This system includes the presence of saline, saline, adsorbents, vitamins, drugs adjusting blood pressure, fluid and electrolyte balance, the cardiovascular system and other organs.

The result is a challenge to the psychiatrist at home to relieve hangover, and to normalize the functioning of all organs. Then the doctor will suggest the patient to undergo treatment, which consists of integrated decision preparations. The clinic for the sick will be conducted constant supervision of doctors, medical staff, and most importantly narcologists that will guide the patient throughout the treatment. For most this problem can not be overcome. This requires extensive use of drug therapy. It is also worth remembering that the doctor can help relieve symptoms, physical dependence, but from a psychological addiction fight could drag on for a long period.

Go to the hospital is not necessary to persuade the patient. It is better to start with a call to the psychiatrist at the house, and we'll see.

Alcoholism or drug addiction are diseases that require qualified treatment. If your loved one is a dependent, do not lose hope and go with him on the way to cure this muck. Already there are enough methods used for the treatment of these severe and destructive relationships. The main thing do not hesitate, and immediately after the notice of intoxication in patients, call your doctor psychiatrist.

Why home

If you are not able to take the patient to the hospital for treatment, you need to call the psychiatrist at home. For emergencies there is a special drug services. They work all day. When the psychiatrist arrives, he first examined the patient, after estimated his fortune to take the right decision in the end. Then, if the situation requires it, to make recommendations on the further treatment of the patient.

Why do I need to call the psychiatrist in the house:

For emergency sobering
To stop binge
To remove the hangover
For the treatment of alcohol dependence
For the procedure coding from alcoholism and drug addiction
For analysis aimed at identifying the drug in the body

Why do even better at home to treat a dropper? House helps the patient environment, it enables him to perceive the healing process.

If the psychiatrist and patient look will reveal that he needed hospitalization, you must be sure to give consent. After all, the clinic has all the necessary equipment for such severe cases, when the home is insufficient to hold the IV procedure.

By calling the psychiatrist at home, you need to be sure that both the examination and treatment of the patient will be anonymous. When the patient did not get to get out of the binge and it has been going on for months, there should no longer be a question of whether or not to call the psychiatrist. The answer is obvious: to call a must!

Many people are concerned about, whether there will be a withdrawal syndrome in the derivation of human binge. This syndrome usually occurs in some failure from alcohol. But medications used to help stabilize the metabolism and accelerate the process of detoxification. That is completely clear the body from decay products of ethanol. Also, medications help to normalize the function of internal organs, cardiovascular and nervous system. Home use dropper with such a composition: glucose, antispasmodics, vitamins, nat solution, sedatives and others.

In addition, the psychiatrist prescribed to patients at home all the necessary medications that support the body in the future. That is important. Since there is always a danger that the patient slips and start again without a measure taking alcohol.

If you are close to someone who takes a long time alcohol should consider the call for him at the house specialist.

When the cause is usually the psychiatrist in the house:

For the treatment of withdrawal symptoms, withdrawal withdrawal

To interrupt the binge and the conclusions drawn from it

For the procedure of detoxification of the body

To conduct medical coding from alcoholism and drug addiction

For anonymous treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction

Call psychiatrist at home in Moscow around the clock by phone 8 (495) 782-78-12 Mosmedservis.

Call psychiatrist at the house - one of the key services "TSIPO Mosmedservis." It includes all areas of drug treatment:

The conclusion of the binge and the beginning of treatment of alcoholism;
Coding blocking;
Relief of alcohol withdrawal syndrome;
Treatment of drug addiction;
Removing breaking.

The psychiatrist, who arrives on a call, carefully examines and evaluates the patient's condition. If any patient of any contraindication to some treatment strategy that can lead to complications, you may have to apply to the specialized agencies. When the possibility of treatments at home specialist conducts a comprehensive treatment. Psychiatrist puts IV and provides the patient receiving important drugs (sedatives and hypnotics) and vitamins (B, C, potassium and calcium).

Through a package of measures, the doctor creates the conditions for a smooth return of the patient to normal life. The patient wears off display of abstinence. Next, the patient is under the control of relatives or close friends. Specialist reserves preparations necessary for successful treatment, and advice on the care and treatment of the patient. The period of complete recovery depends on the state of neglect of a dependent, so call the psychiatrist at home is better not to delay.

Why call the psychiatrist at the house?

Alcohol withdrawal syndrome and its treatment usually does not require hospitalization and in-patient treatment. For the patients themselves the recovery process takes more successful at home, as the familiar surroundings and has no additional psychological pressure.

Another reason to make a call on a psychiatrist house - anonymity. Alcohol or drug abuse - is not a sentence, and many prefer to stay alone with your problem. The patient is already experiencing stress on the mind, so the "extra eyes" is not exactly help.

Why not delay the call psychiatrist at the house?

As is known, any disease is best treated early. Dependence - is no exception. Alcoholism and drug addiction is not necessary to bring the patient to a critical, because it violates the normal functioning of the body:

He suffers from cardiac system;
Disrupts the function of the digestive system;
It appears shortness of breath and headaches due to increased pressure;
Reduced mental activity;
Mental disorder.

And the longer the delay, the harder it is to come to a complete recovery.

Call psychiatrist at home in TSIPO Mosmedservis

There are situations when the help of relatives and friends is not enough. There are times when people do not even want to catch at the offered hand. There are situations when, without a professional simply can not do. It is heavy, tragic and unpleasant moments, which are familiar to those who have loved one got into the maelstrom called alcohol or drugs.

They are not bad habits, it is more appropriate word "disease". And without intervention it is not to win. When those who are dear to you, can not get over it after the next reception of prohibited substances, or when he was poisoned by alcohol, must act immediately. As a rule, such people do not always agree with her diagnosis and voluntarily go to the hospital or do not want, or can not physically. Then it becomes the only way to challenge the psychiatrist house.

Psychiatrist - not just a doctor. His work is directly related to psychology, so it is very important that the patient was a true professional. Many people turn in on themselves, they begin to aggressively respond to any attempt to bring them back to normal life. Brings them to consciousness, to talk to them to just graduate. TSIPO "Mosmedservis" immediately respond to a call and send an experienced psychiatrist in the house, which is able not only to provide first aid, but also to find an individual approach.

A man out of the binge, or remove break-up - a very laborious process that requires the utmost concentration and impressive experience. If a person is almost "outside" it is not necessary to try to return it to their own reality. In such cases, just need a psychiatrist to call home. An expert can find all the necessary preparations to help cleanse the body, soothe and numb. The doctor is required to see to the general condition of the patient and make a treatment plan specifically for this case.

The main thing to remember: do not give up. Alcohol and drugs - a curable disease. A challenge to the psychiatrist at home - this is the first step toward to give a loved one a second chance.

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