Alternative addiction treatment

At present, chemical preparations for medical purposes from a group of drugs trying to enter dangerous and frightening popularity among young people. All these drugs pharmacists, chemists developed for the relief of pain and suffering in the seriously and terminally ill people, and mentally balanced people suffering from mental illness. For some reason these drugs from medical drugs was pumped into the group life threatening. These drugs are called drugs. And people who consume these drugs were known drug addicts. These people take these substances to relax and get heavenly pleasure from drugs, and not the pleasure of life itself.

Psychotropic substances have a devastating effect not only on physical health, but also for its spirituality and warmth. These drugs seriously and severely damage the brain and body, causing them to degenerate into personal development and gradually fade away. But the worst, and it is an indisputable fact, drugs can not refuse. Many people mistakenly believe, for example, so - I'll try a little bit, and with my strength of will to refuse. Will not refuse, with the first admission addictive, and very addictive this permissiveness and detachment from the outside world you. After the first dose need help, and if not addressed - all, you're the new recruit this vicious and dangerous circle, so similar to Russian roulette. Units are able independently to quit Smoking, quit drinking alcohol can stop taking even fewer people, but to abandon the drug is unable nobody. It is for this purpose created treatment centers.

Today there is no panacea for drug dependence. But there are several programs that allow the addict to realize his weakness and painful dependence on the drug. One such method is the 12-step program.

The program "Twelve steps"
On the basis of years of experience for people with alcohol dependence developed a similar program for drug addicts. For people suffering from alcohol dependence this program better known as "alcoholics Anonymous". So, what is the "Twelve steps"? This, in the first group conversations about drugs and addiction. Through prayer, addressed to God, people try to convince themselves and others that their lives should occur great changes in the Commission of a particular step. For example for the implementation of the first step is to admit powerlessness before drugs and the recognition of the fact that you have lost the ability to control their lives. This step gives the understanding that thy life controlled drugs and your life flows from one dose to the next, and the rest don't care. The second step is understanding that the divine power gives us freedom from the deadly habit. The third step guides the addict on the number of decisions, the outcome of which will transfer the authorities over a good, gentle but strong, but all the punishing God's hands, and so on until the last of the twelfth step. Upon completion of all steps, the addict becomes spiritual balance, faith in oneself, faith in God. Spiritually reborn and mentally rises above his fatal passion. He becomes the man who created him in the image and likeness of God.

This technique is developed only on the belief in a "Higher power". The technique is very effective only in group sessions and eliminates individual approach. Some little-believing people believe that there is no divine power does not help is the man himself, only man and no one else. Progressive methods of work with drug dependent people found the 12-step program a number of shortcomings, which were taken into account and corrections implemented in the future, as in the program itself, and other methods. One of the most popular programs at the moment to suit the individual approach is the program "New life".

The essence of the system "New life" is based on individual approach to each addicted person as an individual with their problems and sorrows. Coupled with these problems and sorrows are looking for the cause of drug addiction. Self-treatment is planned in such a manner that the patient has no dependence on the drug once and for all.

The main thing that made new techniques in the treatment of drug addicts and their rehabilitation is no label of "addict". As a person who has a 12-step program, unfortunately, can't return to the lost life due to stuck to him forever label. Method "New life" allows a person to become a full unit of society, which once pushed him off.

The major difference methods "New life" program "Twelve steps" is in self-awareness narcotic addict of their illness and the recognition of their mistakes. The 12-step program depends entirely on the belief that the addict recognizes his weakness and precision given to the will of Divine Providence. Many experts believe that this is the greatest mistake of the person under any circumstances don't give up, we must move forward and only forward. Patients treated by the method of "New life", find the strength, resources, and opportunities to correct their mistakes. Possible ways of healing from drug addiction a bit, but the patient has the right to decide where to ask and seek help.

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