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The psychological portrait of alcoholics and drug addicts
Alcoholics and drug addicts - a man who desperately to rebuild their lives. Do not believe me? Let's look from the outside, he is hardly aware of this, because all the time hoping that life once she gets better. But he "goes in a circle," to improve his life, he is willing to accept, if it continues to use drugs or alcohol. All around him understand loud and say it is impossible to use it and should stop.

For the relatives of alcoholics and drug addicts it is clear that the use - the cause of all troubles for them drugs or alcohol - hated, and it is natural to abandon the use of finally. And when it turns out that the dependent is arranged differently, it is perceived at first as his stubbornness, then as foolish (again and again to explain and prove), then as a betrayal (and it really is all the devotees of the stuff!), Then as a strangeness ...

And then it starts despair, divorce and care "nowhere." It reflects the internal discord and despair, "divorce with himself" an alcoholic or a drug addict.

Life itself is not adjusted, he understands deep down himself dependent. He sees that he lives much worse than the others, and at first, perhaps, flaunts its difference from other ("white bone" addiction, "and here the poet - World booze, and little by the Constitution!"), But eventually only hysterically he spared himself and says: "I will not move back."

"Life is not defined, such a fate. But I'm a good person, made out - patient, no - go, I'll understand. " So, ultimately, he is in despair. This is a very "hands on" his illness, which most of all it is necessary that we do not believe in the possibility of recovery. Let's call it is an allegory, but then we will see that this is not only an allegory.

Consciousness addict changed in accordance with these spiritual disorders. Mind learned to serve a life.

He developed a whole system of excuses and explanations for why his life - and life in general - is so arranged this system is called rationalization. "I drink because ...", "I have this job, or not stand, it is necessary to put himself in the morning to a normal state," "everyone drinks", "if I was a normal wife and children," and so forth.

In addition, the mind has learned just do not see, do not notice, "translate into the background," the negative consequences of drug and alcohol use, as soon as technically possible. For example, the guy put in a detention center for drugs. No notice is not possible. But, of course, "those bastards set me up" -all the rage in this direction. And as soon as a Man was released, he fled to "mark" a happy event, immediately pricked.

The thought comes to mind is not that the trouble occurred because of drug use, and because this is what needs to be changed now since so lucky - released. Even if the right idea in the head accidentally flies addict, then after a few days of life in freedom it erases all memory helpfully, and soon he is using drugs again.

The dependent person tends to deny the addiction as the cause of their troubles, this denial of self is not realized. That's the horror of the situation, and that he quite sincerely does not see the need to do something to use, because it has so much trouble, we must first deal with them!

From the outside it looks like madness, and recovering the memories of these negatives cause laughter the audience, but there is no recovery, denial look scary. It's kind of madness, a close look with fear and bewilderment, and the drug addict or an alcoholic in this case can not learn on their own sad experience. He's like a mad man, again and again, trying to get through the wall: breaking his forehead and hands, weeping and cursing, he again and again making pointless attempts to pass through, where there is no passage.

Sadly even what seems to be a need for drugs or alcohol becomes a primary need, like sleeping, eating, safety man ... very bad feeling when his basic needs are not met for a long time.

When there is a clear threat to them, a person acts quickly and strongly, without considering their actions. Safety, for example, provides survival. When danger makes this need to act immediately.

Before a person has time to figure out what all is lost, he is acting - and stay alive. For these functions correspond to the deepest structures of the brain, and the speed they are much higher than the "reasoning" of the frontal lobes. So, the need for alcohol and drug addict had just located in these deep structures.

Their needs, even primary, people can overcome, if there is something higher rank in his system of values. The greatest need at the addict - it kicks ... circle.

We continue to draw a portrait of an alcoholic and a drug addict. By the way, why - "and"? They are so different! Indeed, there are differences, but irrelevant, basically related to the fact that alcohol dependence is formed by 5-7 times slower than the drug, and because people have time to adjust to greater alcohol than to the drug.

Alcoholics and take in a society more and socially he may be able to partially take place, and the family is still there ... He's an adult. The addict is usually young, and nothing in this life time ... except for adolescent protest against all losses, total losses in life.

However, there are also fully formed young alcoholics and drug addicts in adulthood. Their wives, unable to endure the horror of living with an alcoholic drink or a drug addict, go - and get married again for alcoholics or drug addicts. In part - which developed because of the need to save someone. But there is another reason: the other is no longer necessary.

Do not get me wrong, please, all "independent" readers, write a list of his favorite writers, actors, artists, poets or just good people, and you will see that among them a lot of alcoholics or drug addicts. Feelings, the most important part of the human person, that is most valued and in human communication (try to be friends with a computer!), Especially thin and timid at the dependent person.

But they use alcohol or drugs - and betray their native people because of the dose. Close horrified look on a completely soulless, alien creature with a cold calm destroys itself and everyone around.

There are no friends - there are those that use it. Talent has degenerated; Unfortunately, saying "talent does not spend on drink" is incorrect, as the money spent on drinks and even pierce. Love died. And that's all too true.

The horror that is present all the time, and you never know what to expect. Everything will be fine as long as people's attitudes will not turn on the substance, which sooner or later will have a dependent person. And then everything will collapse.

Dependence, if unchecked, will destroy all severely anxious, thin, genuine, which will undoubtedly have a dependent person. It can and must be stopped.

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