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The effects after taking "Spice".
In recent years, more and more, I have to answer questions from visitors to my site, about the consequences of receiving the so-called "legal powders", typified by "Spice".

The effects that occur after smoking "Spice" horrify even me, the doctor - psychiatrist with experience!
How to describe my patients, with eyes closed images are observed, there are visual effects, can hear the voice of a man is not aware of the existence of the body.
If a person does not lose consciousness, then there is some thought process, but a person who is under the influence of "the smoking mixture" completely loses touch with reality. There may come amnesia!
Some are beginning to commit involuntary actions: walk in circles, bumping into objects. Smoker may fall, lie still, methane during an epileptic fit, does not feel pain, refuses to self-preservation instinct.
After a "wake-up" a person can not remember what he was doing.
When you use the spice affects all mental functions - memory, intelligence, attention and energy. Ultimately, spice leads to dementia.
First of all from the use of such smoking mixtures suffers the human psyche, the impact it turns out, as well as the application of potent drugs.
He suffers from the same, and the whole body: lungs, liver, filtering impure blood, brain, and, anyway, a number of other bodies.
But the most profound effect on the psyche is causing very often fans get to smoke spice in a psychiatric hospital.
If you frequently use spice, as I said, there are hallucinations, anxiety, vomiting, a feeling of panic.
In men, the drug reduces the potency, women become irregular menstruation. People begin to visit suicidal thoughts. Brain and consciousness clouding, and people can make absolutely defies logic action. Man "turns into a vegetable."
In contrast to herbal medicines, for example, cannabis, the effect of smoking on the human body mixes 5 - 10 times stronger.
Almost immediately after their adoption powerful hallucinations occur, which can lead to tragic consequences, such as a desire to throw himself under the wheels of a car or jump out of the window of 10-storey building.
Already installed several dozen deaths.
The trouble is that mixes smoking are the first step in the transition to more serious drugs!

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