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MDMA - a drug that makes holes in the brain.
Not many people know that ecstasy causes damage to the brain. This was proved by the autopsy addicts taking the drug.

The brains of people taking ecstasy was severely damaged and techniques of the substance led to the formation of holes in the brain.

Ectasia appeared for a long time, but widespread the drug purchased in Russia in the beginning of 90s, when it became fashionable to go to night clubs and take it to the big sensations. The first serious concerns about the drug began when he became the lead to dehydration and even death at the discos.

It is banned in Russia the drug is still distributed and imported it mostly from European countries, namely the Baltic countries, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, these countries and make the club drug in illegal laboratories, where it is distributed in Western and Eastern Europe . Italy most felt the its spread when a drug gushed from the Balkans and led to the deaths and terrible consequences. Openness of borders in Europe has created an opportunity for a wide distribution of Ecstasy in all European countries. Spain, too, felt the ill effects of distribution of this drug, and that for Russia, as a rule, our country enters a low-quality and cheap ecstasy intake is dangerous by the fact that the contents of the tablets is very doubtful. Not once identified laboratory for the production of these tablets in Russia, for what followed the criminal proceedings and imposing sentences. This drug endangers the lives of many young people.

Coming to a nightclub, young people want to feel relaxed, to be at the height of fashion and not feel embarrassment, it was under this sauce and spread a horrible drug.

They began to appear with a specific party music, and the party collected thousands of young people, including the drug and promoted.

Police and Gosnarkokontolem regularly conducted raids in night clubs and not just there identify people under the influence of Ecstasy.

However, the fight against Ecstasy also includes basic education of young people about the dangers of this drug, as young people do not know what the drug is addictive and can lead to death. One of the most important directions in the fight against its spread is prevention, since nothing can push a man to his welcome, if he clearly understands what is his familiar push at the party.

In addition to the above-described effects of the reception ectasia there are plenty of data that will help young people to learn the truth about this "poison." These include the fact that this "poison" a very strong effect on the human mind, under the influence of the drug a person is behaving inappropriately, able to get into an accident and hurt his health, and others. So, drivers, drive a car gets into an accident with serious consequences.

There is no drug that could solve at least some human problems and difficulties in communication, or stiffness. Nothing can be corrected by these pills.
The solution for people who are not able to do something, and try to compensate for this drug may be only one thing - to increase the ability to learn and cope with difficulties without drugs, and this is what guarantees success in life.

Like many other drugs people take ecstasy just to feel new sensations and experience the euphoria, but the fee is very high, because the drugs take away a person's ability to enjoy life, turning it into a veritable slave.

For the people of Europe the price of treatment - 600 euro: detox from

heroin to 3 days (full, painless cure of the drug), accommodation, food

+ meeting, transfer to hotel (shuttle).

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