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How to deal with despair
In the life of each of us gets tough moments. Whether it's the loss of a loved one or a crisis in the affairs of, or separation from loved - these moments are difficult to survive, they leave an indelible mark in the heart and can cause a serious change.

Man falls into despair if you do not see a way out of the situation, and when not believe in himself and his strength and his soul has no room for hope.

Man often seems that if he feels so bad, it will last forever, it will never end, and he will suffer the rest of his days.
What contributes to a sense of despair.

Feelings of despair, which covers rights in the critical moments of life, usually by several factors.

Firstly, it is his tendency to despair, give him parents and other important people in his life. Such reactions to difficult situations we learn and learn from others.

Second, people usually tend to "get stuck" in their feelings, live their mind again and again. We like to remember pleasant moments of bright, joyful and happy moments. However, this feature applies to the unpleasant, bitter and irritating feeling.

Our mind works like a broken record, losing us our exciting memories over and over again, until not distract our attention more memorable.

From this feature to get rid of some dream, but it turns out not all. Look for an effective technique that will allow you to move your perception, your consciousness at the moment and will eliminate the loop on the events of the past.

Third, the human tendency to self-pity and self-doubt and confidence. These qualities with the constant scrolling of painful events, deprive a person of hope. Man is not only convinces himself that everything is bad and worse than ever, but do not believe in yourself, then he will be able to find a way out, and ever again experience happiness or love.
Despair and loneliness.

Often man embracing despair when the collapse of his relationship with loved ones, it is very important for people.
This may be a separation from loved ones, his betrayal, or even death. At such times, it seems that all the happiness and love in the past, and ahead are just waiting for the suffering and loneliness.

The man is afraid of loneliness. This fear of loneliness occupies an important place in the lives of almost everyone.

Many are dependent on relationships, love and attention from loved ones. Their happiness and peace of mind depends on these relations, so at the time of loss they feel that the whole world is falling apart and will never be the same.
How to deal with despair.

In difficult times it is necessary to remind ourselves that life is different, it changes all the time. Joy replaced grief for grief comes hope. And in the abyss of despair always comes a moment of purification, liberation and revaluation of values ​​in their lives. It's hard, very hard, but we update such experiences.

Everything in life is temporary!

Perhaps now you do not believe it, but take a look at your life. It had everything - the hopes and joy, sadness and pain, frustration and love. You have a very different feeling, and none of them left in you forever unchanged. Everything changes! Remember that.

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