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How it is possible to suspect, what the child started take drugs?
irst of all, we want you to warn that all your suspicions in relation to the son or the daughter have to express you tactfully and reasonably. You are obliged to weigh everything, to discuss all family and only if not some one, and practically all signs of the changed behavior appeared in character of your child, you can state in hearing the suspicions to the teenager.

What it is signs?

He (she) started disappearing often from the house. And, these disappearances or simply aren't based in any way, or are based by means of senseless excuses. Your attempt to explain that you worry and to ask on where after all there was your child, causes rage and tantrum.

He (she) started lying very often. And, this lie became peculiar. The young man lies at the slightest pretext, not only concerning the lack of the house, but also concerning affairs at work, at school, at institute etc. And, he lies as — that is lazy. The version of deception or are absolutely primitive and monotonous, or on the contrary, are too florid and unclear. Your child ceased to spend efforts to that the lie was similar to the truth.

For rather short period at your son (daughter) the circle of friends, practically, completely exchanged. If you with surprise ask: "Where your friend Petya with whom was not to pour you water earlier disappeared?", your child scornfully waves away and refers to the and Petina employment. You or don't see the new friends who appeared at the son in general, or they don't come on a visit, and "run on a sekundochka" about something silently to be whispered at a door. There was very large number of "mysterious" calls and negotiations on phone. And, your child, practically, doesn't try to explain who it called, and in the text of telephone negotiations slang words which you can see in the dictionary of a narcotic slang enclosed by us below can come across.

Family problems completely ceased to interest your son (daughter). When you tell, for example, about an illness or trouble someone from relatives, he only pretends that listens. Actually thinks of something absolutely foreign. It changed, became in relation to you colder, mistrustful "stranger".

It in general changed. Generally aside nothing the motivated irritability, flashes of shout and hysterics. You began to notice that at it suddenly and sharply to change the mood. I was cheerful two minutes ago and cheerful, very shortly I spoke with someone by phone — till the evening I fell into gloomy mood, talks only interjections and it is the is angriest.

He (she) lost the former interests. He (she) doesn't read books, almost doesn't watch film. All of you began to notice more often that he simply sits with the textbook, actually even without trying to do homework and to prepare for examinations.

It changed the dream mode. He can sleep, without waking up, for days on end, and sometimes you hear as he almost all night long paces the room and stumbles about subjects.

At you money or things began to vanish in the house. These unpleasant events can occur extremely seldom at the beginning. However, at least rare attempts "imperceptibly" to steal something meet, practically, in all families of our patients.

Even more often it seems to you that he (she) comes back home from walk in a state of intoxication. Coordination of movements is slightly broken, a look the absent, young man in general tries to hide eyes and quickly to run away to the room.

Once again we want to pay your attention that the separate, described above signs can be symptoms of various psychological difficulties of teenage and youthful age. In certain cases so mentality diseases can begin. You can start thinking seriously of drugs only if you are firmly sure that your child has signs, at least, of eight of nine described above changes of behavior.

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