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Drug treatment

Influence of drugs on the human body

Drugs that cause tremendous harm to the human body. They have an impact on the immune system, thereby exposing the human body to various serious diseases, such as HIV, hepatitis, cancer, and so on. Also, the drugs have a negative impact on the mental health of the people that provokes depression, apathy and low resistance to stress. Ultimately, in the throes of a person can commit suicide, or to provoke a fatal overdose.

But many do not talk about the dangers of drugs, anyway, people captures all the unknown that drives them to the use of different drugs often unhealthy. It is also worth remembering that the relationship will get a lot easier than it seems. A person may claim that he can stop at any time, but in fact it is only cheating himself and attempt to escape from reality. Yet, there are methods of drug treatment, and even more so, how to withdraw drugs from the body.

How to treat drug addiction - cleaning the body from drugs

About to clear their blood of the drug sooner or later, every addict thinking, understanding and exacerbate the problem of impotence. Of course, you can wait until the drugs leave the body within a few days, and the blood naturally cleanse itself. At this time you need to stop taking drugs. However, this method of natural purification of the body is unreal in the use of his long-dependent people since their break-up very quickly finds. Fortunately, there are other, more effective treatments for drug addiction and withdrawal of drugs from the body.

How to withdraw drugs from the body?

Forced diuresis

The first method of drug treatment that allows to withdraw drugs from the body is called forced diuresis. In simple words, this method is to strengthen the work of the kidneys, which contributes to the rapid removal from the body of drugs. It is necessary to drink plenty of water, preferably 3 liters and then take diuretics. It is also self-cleaning of the body and as a result the output of drugs from the body can provoke the use of very strong coffee and green tea. Despite the fact that caffeine, which contain coffee and tea, provide a diuretic effect, it may also react with the drug and increase their effect.


The essence of this method to eliminate the symptoms of drug addiction and to withdraw from the body, is to clean the gastrointestinal tract. Such a method is also effective, but only if the drugs were taken in the form of tablets. Of course, if the drug were administered intravenously, enterosorbatsii method is also applicable, but its effect will be slightly delayed. Conclusion of drugs excreted by enterosorbatsii carried out in several stages.

To bring the drugs from the body should be washed with a stomach so-called "restaurant" method. After that, we recommend the use of drugs, which contain chelators. These drugs are taken orally and absorb the remnants of drugs. These drugs include Ligandin and Enterosgel. Also as enterosorbent possible to use activated charcoal. However, it is not recommended to be used frequently, but only in extreme cases, as, absorbing toxins and breakdown products of drugs, coal tends to settle on the walls of the intestine. In such a case, output of the activated carbon body possible only by means of an enema.

Drug treatment efferent methods

These methods are carried out by administration of a specific drug. These methods include gemodiaz, hemosorption and plasmapheresis. The essence of the first two methods, which allow to withdraw drugs from the body is the blood of a drug addict is removed from the body is cleared of drugs and returned. Plasmapheresis involves removing blood plasma from a patient. Then the plasma is replaced by saline.

Naturally, given the complexity of the procedures that involve the treatment of drug addiction, they are expensive, complex, and also have a number of side effects. Such methods of cleansing the body are carried out in specialized clinics under the supervision of a physician. It is also worth mentioning that these methods are appropriate only in extreme cases - when the life of a person in danger of death.
How to treat drug addiction?

Withdrawal of the drug - it is a necessary step in the treatment of drug addiction, which allows you to start cleaning the body from toxic substances and abort automatism action.

During this period the patient begins to realize that he did and that he was to be done.

All of these difficult period of withdrawal, making it painful and difficult to overcome.

Here at this time for drug treatment embarking on a traditional Chinese massage. He gives a consistently high positive. The patient receives a highly effective support.

To finally put an end to tobacco, alcohol or drug addiction, it is necessary to take a firm decision.

It is good to think over the decision to treat drug addiction should ripen in the soul, before being appointed day, or after a certain time of the determination will be over, the risk is very large break.

In the preliminary period, to complete rejection of drug use, it is recommended to suspend the submission of the narcotic substance to reflect on their situation. On the one hand, assess the benefits of a drug, on the other hand, to assess anything that provides a drug-free life.

This period can sometimes last for many months. It was at this time prescribe a course of massage for the treatment of drug addiction.

Proper drug withdrawal period starts when completely stopped the use of any drug. A single dose of discards to the starting point.

In these difficult days for the patient should be encouraging it, to instill faith in his victory over the other, which is the soul cleansing, should raise him in his own eyes.

Oppressive mood in this period is compensated by a sense of the joy of waking up the body to a normal life.

When is drug treatment, diet should include plenty of fresh and dried fruit and vegetables, and seafood.
Massage in the drug

Traditional Chinese massage has a therapeutic effect in the symptoms of drug addiction in the period:

receiving the drug,
abstinence (withdrawal) of the drug during the course of treatment for drug addiction,
treat the symptoms and consequences of drug use.

Here we consider the period of abstinence. It was during this period of massage has a significant help in maintaining the normal functioning of internal organs, in the maintenance of a balanced psycho-physical state of the body and in maintaining the functions of removing body toxins.

While taking the drug, and the period of drug treatment being studied at the College of Oriental Medicine.

They require a thorough, often very long course of treatment.

Massages during the withdrawal syndrome

Scheme of massage for all types of addiction:

a) The position: lying on his back; reception Tui Fa, kidney meridian, performed 12 times. The goal: the elimination of the loss of kidney energy.

b) The position: lying on his back; reception Tui Fa wonderful Meridian Tae Mai (held in the chest and abdomen) is performed 12 times. The goal: enhancing primary Yang.

c) The position: lying on his stomach; reception Tui Fa bladder meridian, performed 12 times. Objective: To improve the distribution Yang internal organs.

d) The position: lying on his stomach; reception Tui Fa wonderful Meridian Tae Mai (runs along the spine) is performed 12 times. The goal: enhancing primary Yang.

d) Massage special points for each particular type of drug, each point is given for 3 minutes.
The reasons according to

Man is born without any vnefiziologicheskih dependencies. Ensuring the vital needs of the body gives people the ability to:

to feel the joy of life,
work and create.

Dependence comes from the time when the normal functioning of the whole organism (body and soul) requires compulsory acceptance of a substance. Necessity, forced admission lead to addiction.

There are various types depending on, they can be associated with personality addict situation, objects and substances.

Substance dependence is the most serious view of drug abuse, especially when it comes to toxic substances as they cause irreparable damage to health.

Factors addiction

The dependence on harmful substances creates a paradoxical situation in which mixed the two opposing factors:


Irresistible urge to take drugs due to the satisfaction of human needs such as getting pleasure. On the one hand, it depends on the receiving material, which gradually replaces the mediator (the active substance secreted by nerve endings and providing the nerve impulses), that is, healthy energy Qi circulating level of nerve cells. On the other hand, have fun is closely related to discovering new sensations.

Thus, both types of fun, besides the fact that they deliver a pleasant moments, as if to compensate the damage by toxic substances harmful to health and relieve psychological problems and social issues.

More or less quickly depending on the type of drug, having fun becomes the need of the body, and formed a close relationship between satisfying this need, and drugs.


Smoking tobacco, alcohol or any narcotic drugs cause varying degrees of intoxication of the whole organism, that is formed by energy pathology completeness of toxic substances concentrated in the blood, liver, lungs, and sometimes the small intestine.

The function of excretion of toxins by blocking, and the body of supersaturated.

In such a situation, the natural processes of secretion and excretion of too slow and even stop.

Stagnation of toxic substances in the blood immediately causes a negative reaction of the organism, including the brain. The consequences are: pain of a different nature, a sense of discomfort, irritability, fatigue, etc. This is the flip side of the pleasure that a person tends to experience again and again.
"Three prison" drug

Drug addiction on the toxic substances formed in three directions, which is figuratively called "three prisons":

physical dependence,
psychic dependence,

Physical dependence

Each intake of toxic substances (tobacco, alcohol, drugs), has a high ability to stimulate the Yang, the impact has on the body, leading to a breach of its physiological equilibrium.

The release of the neurotransmitter (a substance capable of transmitting nerve impulses, ie natural interneuronal interaction) is replaced by the extreme excitation of nerve cells. This means that the substance Yin are in great disadvantage, and Yang activity becomes more unmanageable.

The functional activity of the body is now dependent on the artificial stimulation of certain toxic substances and inevitably accompanied by a state of emptiness and depression in their absence in the body.

Addict falls thus under the authority of the states and the unpredictable reactions of the organism and become drug addicts.

Psychic dependence

Regardless of psychological reasons, provided the impetus to receiving drugs, a decision to treat addiction is always a sense of fear and a state of painful anxiety against the background of their own feelings of guilt, inadequacy, a drug addict who tries to drown out another dose of the drug.

The social life of the patient in this case is subject to the same goal - the production and reception of a drug which "restore" normal, returns for a very short time, an illusory sense of self-confidence.

At this time, Shen (spirit of man) rushes in search of refuge, and the excited state of mind and depression follow each other continuously.

In this case, saying in the language of Chinese psychology (Xing Li), there is a stagnation of Qi psychic energy with lack of energy and heart and kidney disharmony in their relationship.

The suffering of psychological, moral and emotional, more or less conscious patients, cease only after receiving the drug, which is itself a cause of suffering. The irony and an endless circle, which can break off only at the cost of new suffering, following the discontinuation of the drug.

Therefore, a drug addict refuses to treat drug addiction, fight, gradually reducing their mental energy Qi, suppressing his will that enhances psychic dependence on the drug received.

Readmission of hazardous substances to obtain the dubious pleasure rebuild management mechanism to use. As a result, weakens the will to refuse admission, and at the same time increasing the need for more frequent dosing and dose increase as a consequence of enhanced drug addiction.

Automatism receiving drug is very dangerous to its progressive character, and unconscious.

Taking drugs automatically, the addict does not feel pleasure, which he received at the time of taking a dose of irresistible desire. His actions are automatically and gradually disappearing sense of self-harm, which could have conceived the idea "off the hook".
Withdrawal symptoms

Abstinence syndrome is the set of symptoms that develop due to a sudden discontinuation of the narcotic (psychotropic) means. The strength and shape of their display depend not only on the type and dose of the drug, but also on the individual characteristics of a drug addict, from the social conditions in which it is located (prison, hospital, home).

Withdrawal symptoms occur when stopping or reducing the dose of psychoactive substances (alcohol, amphetamines, cocaine, nicotine, opiysoderzhaschie, sedatives and sleeping pills, tranquilizers) leads to changes in the behavior of an addict who did not agree with the place in the body physiological (increased blood pressure, rapid breathing and heart rate, fever) and mental changes.

Abstinence syndrome - a period that the addict takes place in three stages, one after another, opening the door "three prisons." The liberation of the prison always takes place on the same scheme, which, however, does not guarantee complete liberation. It can be achieved only through the achievement of an absolute balance of power functions of the body and constant control. To minimize the risk of recurrence, all three doors must be opened simultaneously. Since each prison there by others.

Withdrawal symptoms

Most of the symptoms of withdrawal syndrome is very different from the symptoms observed in the intoxication by the same drugs. The duration of action of the drug, the longer it does not show withdrawal symptoms, and the longer it lasts then. It goes without saying that the simultaneous use of different types of drug withdrawal syndrome is much greater.

The most severe withdrawal symptoms usually disappear after a few days or a few weeks after the cessation of drug use. The rest of the symptoms may occur within weeks or even months. If they have a stable character, there are primary disorders of mental activity not related to drugs.

Abrupt cessation of the use of certain psychotropic drugs, which the patient received regularly or continuously, can be very dangerous, even fatal. Therefore, depriving the patient of anxiolytics (minor tranquillizers) and sleeping pills should take place with the consent and under the supervision of qualified medical personnel.

Concomitant treatment of drug withdrawal is the cause of the suppression of the secretory activity of the organism. Produced in insufficient quantities or not produced at all hormones and substances that provide a healthy person neurotransmission, - neurotransmitters. To combat this phenomenon, the patient must use the most powerful means of stimulation.

Their action (hyperactivity) in the absence of stimulating elements in the drug leads to the appearance of secondary symptoms of withdrawal syndrome.
Dependent behavior of the drug

For many people, the satisfaction of his addiction to drugs, alcohol or addictive behavior takes precedence over family relationships and social constraints that often leads to delinquency. Dependence can be physiological, in which the refusal of psychoactive substance gives symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting, or psychological, in which there is dissatisfaction and anxiety, if access to a particular substance or behavior is not possible. Most often, the dependence on psychoactive substances such as drugs and alcohol, is a combination of physiological and psychological dependence. Illegal drugs There is a wide range of illicit drug use. Often use stimulants are amphetamines, ecstasy, crack and cocaine. These drugs stimulate the nervous system and cause a feeling of power and energy. They allow the user to stay on their feet for a long time without sleep, but it can also cause anxiety and paranoia. Chronic use leads to nervous exhaustion and, possibly, to long-term damage to the psyche. Many people believe that cocaine is a secular drug that does not lead to addiction, but crack and cocaine cause a very strong relationship. Craving for crack cocaine is almost irresistible, and usually leads to destructive behavior aimed at addressing this addiction. Some drugs have a relaxing effect. The most popular marijuana (hemp), but are very popular as heroin and ketamine. Tranquilizers are legally prescribed for a short time to treat anxiety, too, can be abused and cause dependence. The long-term consequences of smoking cannabis is not completely clear, but regular use can affect the ability of discernment and cause long-term mental health problems such as lack of motivation and depression, as well as lead to COPD.


The exact composition of illicit drugs are usually unknown, which increases the risk of dangerous and unpredictable side effects. Consumers of drugs such as crack cocaine and heroin, often develop physiological dependence, and they go on offense to get money to pay for his addiction. Drug addiction is destructive effect on relationships with people and employment. The addict may lose everything and brought before a court that often ends in prison.

For the people of Europe the price of treatment - 600 euro: detox from heroin to 3 days (full, painless cure of the drug), accommodation, food + meeting, transfer to hotel (shuttle).

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