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Alcoholism: illness or promiscuity?
When we learn the ugly truth about celebrities and idols, it injures us first, then we quickly learn to understand that ideal people do not happen, and continue for at least the previous appreciate their merits.

People are now worried that Vladimir Vysotsky drank heavily that the guitar he was always upset and sometimes he "sculpted" the wrong chords? These nuances does not bother Garry Kasparov, when he in 1984 in his first final match at the World Chess Championship to reigning champion Anatoly Karpov lost with the score 0: 5. Young Grandmaster was in one step from a complete rout with a whitewash and severe psychological trauma for life. Any party could be the last. Nevertheless, he continued to fight, and each time, tuning in to the next party, Kasparov was listening to your favorite song by Vladimir Vysotsky. In the protracted game winner has not been identified, and their next match, Kasparov became the full-weight world champion.

And you know what was the drama Vysotsky? Not that he was addicted to alcohol, and that you do not want to give up drinking. Marina Vlady, a lot to do in order to protect from alcohol Vysotsky, said in his book, several times he was treated by implanting anti-alcohol drug. A few months after that, he picked out his body sewn into a tablet and started drinking again. Did Vysotsky choice? Of course there was. In a moment of mental stress could contact a doctor, you could share my soul with relatives, could write a new song, you can sing the old, could all but one. But he preferred to pick out pills, and it was impossible to prevent it. And then, according to the description by M. Vlady, it was as follows: "... I locked the house with you, to take you out of the bottle. Two days screams, groans, entreaties, threats, two days marking time, loss of balance, jumps, falls, cramps, vomiting, headache insane. I poured the entire drink, but if, unfortunately, somewhere in the house is a little bit of alcohol on the bottom, I run the race with you, and to pour it before you have time to take a sip "1

Vysotsky died at the age of 42, and I want to say in his prime. Although his power he is by this time pretty poistratil. It not so long ago published a transcript of the last days of his life, to dispel all doubts about the reasons for his untimely death. Sadly I realize he died in a state of binge of alcohol poisoning. He did not come out of the binge. As far as I understood from that publication, he did not want to go to the hospital. In the hospital, no doubt, he would have been saved. But I will sin no more subjunctive.

The biggest cemetery in the world together and not a hundredth of a die each year from alcohol. The most terrible natural disasters, catastrophes and wars carry fewer lives than alcohol. That is, he loved and lauded us alcohol. First, it warms the soul, and then burns the man to the ground. Even yesterday - "elixir of life", and today - "elixir of death."

In our life, in contrast to the sad events can always find positive examples. Fellow artist Mikhail Shemyakin Vysotsky made a different choice. Many years ago, he resolutely part with alcohol and, judging by the television interview, he does not regret it. The famous bard Alexander Dolský was treated by the same method as that Vysotsky, and to exclude alcohol from the diet since 1977.

Doctors and public views on alcohol often do not coincide. Psychiatrists believe alcoholism is a heavy progressive disease with high fatality and relatives of alcoholics explain their drinking promiscuity. Who is right? It is interesting that both sides are right. Alcoholism has a dual nature, which is manifested in the actual disease closely interwoven with a vicious way of life.

Strictly speaking, alcoholism is certainly is a chronic disease with severe prognosis. If the layman had the opportunity to observe with their own eyes the effects of alcoholism, such as seizures, delirium tremens, or to witness death as a result of heavy drinking bout, the question is whether alcoholism is a disease would disappear by itself.

But, on the other hand, to understand the relatives of alcoholics also possible. They are too painful to watch, as the closest person in front of degraded collapses, dies, or on the verge of life and death. And does it not only willingly, but on its own initiative. Violently, as we know, no one is forcing anyone to drink. Furthermore, alcoholics account for another by any means to overcome the pressure of the family, trying to save them.

Let's see some manifestations of alcoholism related to the disease, and what - to promiscuity, and, accordingly, to investigate the possibility of medicine in both cases.

When a person is in a drinking bout and can not stop himself - he was seriously ill, and blame him for it in lack of it would be wrong. In this case, it may help medicine. Withdraw from an alcoholic binge there is no difficulty in stationary conditions, is somewhat more complicated to do it on an outpatient basis. By the disease are also hungover state, seizures, psychosis, alcohol (delirium tremens - the most common alcoholic psychosis). Medicine is well positioned to rapidly alleviate the suffering of the human condition and to prevent hangover alcoholic seizures. Without urgent specialized medical care to the patient in a state of delirium tremens doomed. The undoubted merits of medicine should include a sharp reduction in mortality in hospitals due to alcoholic psychosis and acute alcohol poisoning. In these cases, the patient can not help themselves, but the medicine to cope with these disorders successfully.

By the manifestations of immorality, depravity, irresponsibility, or even want to call, in the picture of alcoholism is especially welcome first drink. Before the first drink alcoholic is not only healthy, but also completely sane, sober alcoholic can control and machine, and the state. But after the first drink he was sick, insane and dangerous, drunk and pulls the steer. For everything that occurs after the first drink, drinking man really does not answer, and ask him for it difficult. Although many people forget that intoxication is not exempt from criminal liability. But if it is not the first drink, there will be no sickness, not drink alcoholic will stay healthy. To be or not to be that ill-fated first drink - it depends on the person, he always chooses himself and medicine can not force him to make the right decision. The impact on people's behavior is not within the competence of medicine.

The population believes alcoholism is not a disease, and vice, and rightly so. People will never understand what kind of a strange disease, if everyone in its sole discretion chooses to hurt him today and do not get sick. Everyone understands that this disease does not get sick on request, especially - from her not so easily disposed of. But alcoholism is the case, people always choose the mood: I want - I am a fan, I want - I do not get sick. Ask anyone and you will be called, without hesitation, the right remedy for this ailment: "I do not know how drink - do not drink!". And if a man should not be drinking this uncomplicated rule, then, consequently, he blossomed. Such is the logic of the population, and it is impossible to refute. People condemn drinkers not for the fact that they were alcoholics - this no one is immune, but for the fact that not stop drinking.

Sometimes it is advantageous to hurt. A sick person receives additional care and attention. With disease sometimes solve problems. For example, sometimes women manage to keep in the family of her husband was trying to get away with "in due time" the burst of heavy nervous breakdown. Disease dismisses when there is no desire to make love, spouse hints of trouble rescues wild headache or fatigue. Alcoholism among other sufferings stands. Since alcoholism is not perceived by the population as a disease, then no benefit to derive from it is impossible. Drinkers do not sympathize how painful, but on the contrary, they condemn as perfectly healthy, for promiscuity, irresponsibility and misbehavior. Alcoholism - obviously not the disease, which can receive dividends.

Alcoholism - a very specific voluntary suffering. An important feature of it is that the patient is responsible not only for the occurrence of the disease, but also for the outcome. Alcoholism ends either death or infinitely long stagnation, a return to normal life. As the clinical practice, shifting responsibility, for example, to family members, medicine or "life circumstances" absolutely futile. In this case, the person actually drinking himself denies chance to give up alcohol.

There is a disease in which a patient from almost nothing depends. For example, the outcome of acute appendicitis depends on the skill of the surgeon and timely surgical intervention. In other diseases that require long-term care, such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, tuberculosis, syphilis, much depends on the discipline of the patients from the punctual observance of doctor's instructions.

When the two common problems - obesity and alcoholism - the actions of a person depends everything. Those who are struggling with obesity, will sooner or later become frustrated in various advertised "miracle products", the gym, the gym and come to the simple truth that the only effective way to lose weight is to limit caloric intake. Consistent results are seeking someone who daily uses the same "simulator" - weights. The skilled person knows that when you cease to be weighed, you start to gain weight again. In defense of fat people, I note that permanently restrict your diet seriously. It is much harder than to stop drinking. Without food a person can not exist, and no alcohol can be, and even quite good, and people drinking, in the opinion of many who have tried temperance life without alcohol lives incomparably better than him. Fat people can not get carried away fatty foods, namely fats give foods the most delectable taste. Therefore, adherence to a strict diet is associated with certain victims. Appetite comes during a meal, for a person overweight permanently restrict your diet though it is difficult, but possible.

In drinkers situation is fundamentally different. The alcoholic never, under any circumstances, can learn to drink moderately. Alcoholic - is the person who can not drink. Conversely, a person who knows how to drink in moderation, is not an alcoholic. The concept of "measures", the truth is quite relative. Alcohol, unlike food, is alien to the body toxic substance, so that any person, including an alcoholic can completely abandon it. Moreover, alcohol poisoning organism resistant refusal of alcohol perceive with obvious satisfaction and relief.

When the drinking person states that he is not an alcoholic because they can not drink - it is not an indicator. He is right that can not drink (even though, despite this recognition, still drinks). Any alcoholic can not drink. But the true test of alcoholism completely different - is the inability to eat a little. This is the essence of alcoholism. Give a man 150 grams of vodka - and soon it will be clear who he is. Alcoholics there is only one way to adequately pass this test - to give even 20 drops.

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