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AIDS and drugs
Requires special attention to the issue of sexual behaviour in connection with the use of drugs. All this is closely related. Unfortunately, in Russia, according to media reports, major port cities, and especially in the large part of the prostitutes are schoolgirls. Such inclusion to this occupation often occurs against the background of alcohol or drug intoxication and, usually, it does not go without treatment, venereologists and psychiatrists. In our country, in the Sverdlovsk region city of Krasnotur′inske over the past few years there has been an increase in diseases, sexually transmitted diseases.

On the change of syphilis and gonorrhoea treatment which has already developed effective drugs, come new generation-disease chlamydia, mycoplasmosis, candidiasis, herpetic infection, gardnerellez and others. Such diseases are the cause of serious violations of health, complicated by the development of severe consequences (infertility), but were not generally life threatening ill. Svovremennaâ only qualified rehabilitation can bring positive results

In 1981 year by Planet spread disease 21 century is AIDS. This smertel′noopasnaâ infection-each 2 ill die per year, the maximum life expectancy of a patient with the disease not more than 5 years.

On the incidence of AIDS, the Sverdlovsk region we have in the top ten among the subjects of the Russian Federation. HIV infection was registered in every city of our country (more than 300 cases of infection).

Sources of venzabolevanij among young persons included in the "risk" that come into promiscuous sexual relations, prostitutes, homosexuals and bisexuals, drug addicts, those who are engaged in drug acceptance method of introducing them. It is clear that the group use dirty needles and syringes, as well as the introduction of drugs through not disinfected skin use to introduce dirty drug, often derived from artisanal,-all this not only HIV, but also to cause other diseases (syphilis, viral hepatitis, gnoerodnyh infections).

Significance in the RA population and disseminating AIDS among drug addicts has and what these people after filling the syringe with the drug injected a needle into a vein and then to verify the position of the needle into the syringe gaining some amount of its blood. In medical facilities, after such manipulation, clean and obezzaraživaûtsâ syringes boiling or autoclaving. In the case of drug addicts syringe without processing immediately jumps to the next addict, which does the same thing. Preserved in the syringe and the needle lumen blood previous addict enters with a new portion of odurmanivaûŝego substances in the body following a drug addict, and getting directly into his blood.

Well, if someone suffers from Aids, it will be transferred to others who enjoy together with them in the same syringe.

Here is a good example.

Town of Verkhnaya salda is closed because of the HIV epidemic that ravages the residents like the plague.

There would be no drug addicts, and might not be such a terrible and terrifying AIDS epidemic. The town itself lived Yes he would, and grief is not known. And now people are dying of Aids like the plague. All panic and what nobody knows. Close the city was closed, and then what?

For the people of Europe the price of treatment - 600 euro: detox from heroin to 3 days (full, painless cure of the drug), accommodation, food + meeting, transfer to hotel (shuttle).

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