Вырождение — это ненормальное проявление чего-либо или же те заболевания, которые с легкостью передадутся по наследству. Это и снижение уровня развития культуры в семье от поколения к поколению, а также множество психических расстройств. Например, шизофрения.
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Алкоголизм в стране – национальная проблема. По статистике, на душу населения потребляется самое большое количество алкоголя в масштабе всей планеты. Есть некоторые более точные данные: восемнадцать литров в год. Если не учитывать стариков, детей и тех, кто не пьет, получим еще более ошеломляющую цифру. Аналогичная ситуация с наркотиками и табакокурением. Слишком много дешевого, некачественного алкоголя еще сильней влияют на здоровье нации. Это происходит везде, повсеместно.
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Согласно российской статистике болезнь наркомания стремительно молодеет. Все более молодые и здоровые люди попадают в эту бездну, из которой нет выхода.

Впервые школьники начинают пробовать наркотики начиная с 15-ти лет и мало кто доживает до 20-ти лет. И вопрос не только в том, что они умирают от наркотиков, но и в том, что они становятся жертвами различных преступлений, связанных с добыванием денег на наркотики.

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First of all, we want you to warn that all your suspicions in relation to the son or the daughter have to express you tactfully and reasonably. You are obliged to weigh everything, to discuss all family and only if not some one, and practically all signs of the changed behavior appeared in character of your child, you can state in hearing the suspicions to the teenager.
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Requires special attention to the issue of sexual behaviour in connection with the use of drugs. All this is closely related. Unfortunately, in Russia, according to media reports, major port cities, and especially in the large part of the prostitutes are schoolgirls. Such inclusion to this occupation often occurs against the background of alcohol or drug intoxication and, usually, it does not go without treatment, venereologists and psychiatrists. In our country, in the Sverdlovsk region city of Krasnotur′inske over the past few years there has been an increase in diseases, sexually transmitted diseases.
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Made popular among today's youth in Russia over the last 7-8 years of smoking mixtures, so-called "Spice" are a real threat to health and life of adolescents and young adults.
Spice poisoning can lead to death, so prevention and timely assistance needed.
Spice Distributors in Russia represent the product as harmless, consisting of natural vegetable crops: mother and stepmother, sage. However, it should be pointed out that all the raw materials previously held special treatment: it is soaked in a special solution, which is the main ingredient of synthetic cannabinoid (JWH).
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Из медикаментов, способных помочь при оказании помощи при передозировке, в России распространены два – кордиамин и налоксон.
Кордиамин применяют для поддержания дыхательной и сердечной деятельности; он не является антагонистом наркотиков, но помогает сердцу продолжать функционировать. Исследований эффективности использования кордиамина в немедицинских условиях пока не проводилось, поэтому мы подробно остановимся на препарате налоксон, гораздо более в этом плане изученном.
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It is sufficiently adapted, have not found their place in life, ill-adapted to the new environment, teens are due to dissatisfaction with their relationships with others in a state of mental stress. They must find ways to harmonize their positions. Not being able to normalize relations with close family, with friends at school or with friends in an informal group of teenagers using psychoactive substances, to ensure that the role of a lifeline in violation of interpersonal relationships are met . They say that this is done ". To make it easier to talk to people" The habit of consuming psychoactive substances threatens to become a permanent form of escape from reality in the slightest obstacle in the way of life.
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Although alcohol, contrary to the opinion of the majority, more properly called a depressant, not an antidepressant (which, of course, I'm sure every drunkard), I drink it for very specific purposes. It is, indeed, for a while able to improve mood, relieve stiffness, raising talkativeness. At the same time, it speeds up heart rate, increases blood pressure. In addition, at the beginning of man to stimulate action.
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There are several classifications of memory disorders. According to one of them, the loss of memory, amnesia, or divided into partial or full. When a complete loss of memory, as the name implies, there is a loss of memories for some period of time in full. In partial amnesia, everything is much more complicated: not all the memories are lost, but only part of them to the same residues may stirring memories in time and space, break the causal relationships between events.
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The effects that occur after smoking "Spice" horrify even me, the doctor - psychiatrist with experience!
How to describe my patients, with eyes closed images are observed, there are visual effects, can hear the voice of a man is not aware of the existence of the body.
If a person does not lose consciousness, then there is some thought process, but a person who is under the influence of "the smoking mixture" completely loses touch with reality. There may come amnesia!
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Biological factors directly affect the functionality of the brain, reducing its ability to endure intense or prolonged stress, not only and not so much intellectual as emotional sphere. I mean that if a person with a favorable history after more or less severe blows of fate can easily gather, mobilize, to go back to a normal rhythm of life, birth trauma or suffered a concussion will make it much harder. It is also harder for such people to maintain poise and composure in emotionally-tense situation.
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